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Having pets brings us happiness and company, but they need care. A healthy and welcoming home for people and pets requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Pet messes, smells, and dander require a lot of attention. We will provide a complete guide and discuss ways to keep your home clean and odor-free while living with dogs.  

Establishing a Comprehensive Cleaning Routine

When you clean your pet, you need consistency. Set up a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning regimen to keep pet-related clutter under control.

  • Daily Tasks: First thing in the morning, clean up any immediate mess, such as a pet accident, food spill, or tracked dirt. Pet-safe cleaning wipes or a light detergent may spot clean pet floors, furniture, and bedding. Always wipe clean surfaces with a moist cloth to remove dust, pet hair, and smudges. 
  • Weekly Tasks: Set aside weekly times to dust, mop, and vacuum. Be cautious in bedrooms, living rooms, and outside dog-friendly places. Wash your pet’s bedding, toys, and blankets periodically to keep them fresh. 
  • Monthly Tasks: Once a month, prioritize deep cleaning jobs like carpet shampooing, upholstery cleaning, and window washing. Always clean your pet’s dishes, toys, and litter boxes. Start by carefully probing your house for pests if you suspect an infestation. 

Choosing Safe and Effective Home Cleaning Products 

Cleaning your house with dogs requires safe cleaning solutions for them and the environment. Avoid items with harsh chemicals, synthetic smells, and other dangerous elements that might hurt your pets. 

Buy chemical-free, natural cleaning products like: 

  • Vinegar: Vinegar cleans surfaces, removes odors, and removes tough stains. 
  • Baking soda: Baking soda absorbs smells and softly abrades surfaces. 
  • Castile Soap: Use Castile Soap, a mild, effective plant-based soap for fragile surfaces, floors, and pet accessories. 
  • Enzyme Cleaners: Enzyme cleaners are suitable for pet messes and odors since they break down organic stains and smells. 

Only wipe an exposed surface after reading the label and completing a brief, unobtrusive test. 

Managing Pet Hair and Dander 

Living with dogs means dealing with their hair and dander. There are ways to reduce house allergies. For allergy reduction and shedding management, groom and clean regularly. 

  • Regular Brushing: Brush your dog’s coat regularly to prevent knots. Your pet’s falling hair is best collected using grooming products tailored for its coat type. You spread its natural oils by brushing your pet’s coat, keeping it healthy and lustrous. 
  • Vacuuming: Get a good vacuum with dog attachments to remove pet hair from carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Vacuum your floors, furniture, and pet bedding once a week, concentrating on your dogs’ favorite locations. 
  • Air Purification: An air purifier with a HEPA filter may improve indoor air quality. Doing so may collect airborne allergies and pet dander. Your dogs spend most of their time in the bedrooms and living areas, so install the air purifier there. 

Addressing Pet Odors 

If your dog(s) have frequent accidents, certain spots on your floor may maintain their aroma for a long time. Spraying an air freshener scent removal includes finding and eradicating the cause. 

  • Pet Accidents: Pet-Related Events Pet accidents demand immediate attention with an enzyme-based cleaning for pet smells and stains. Apply the cleaner per the manufacturer’s recommendations after wiping excess moisture with paper towels. Let the cleaner break down biological materials in the afflicted region. 
  • Odour Absorbers: Where scents gather, put odour-absorbing items in closets, litter boxes, and pet beds. Activated charcoal, baking soda, and pet odor absorbers absorb scents. The odor-absorbing and neutralizing items in this collection keep your house fresh. 
  • Regular Cleaning: To remove pet smells, regularly clean and disinfect pet-touched surfaces, including furniture, walls, and floors. You should also regularly wash your pet’s blankets, bedding, and toys to avoid smells. 

Creating Pet-Friendly Cleaning Zones 

Pet-friendly cleaning zones may save time and reduce clutter while cleaning. These zones include your dogs’ feeding, sleeping, and playing areas and accident-prone locations. 

  • Feeding Area: Keep your pet’s food and water bowls off the floor and limit spills with an easy-to-clean mat or tray. Regular cleaning and disinfection of the feeding area are also necessary to avoid germs and smells. 
  • Sleeping Area: Pet beds, mattresses, or blankets are simple to clean and ensure comfortable slumber. Wash blankets and bedding frequently to eliminate pet hair, dander, and smells. 
  • Play Area: Your pet will benefit from a play zone in your house with toys, a scratching post, and other natural habitat enhancements. Choose washable surfaces to make cleaning this room easy. 
  • Litter Box Area: If you have cats, put the litter box in a convenient, low-traffic place. Litter pads minimize tracking, and regular litter box scooping keeps it clean and odor-free. 


Keeping a pet-friendly house clean takes effort, meticulousness, and the correct cleaning methods. Get help from AmeriStar Maids!

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