3 Simple Ways to Reduce Dust in Your Home

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Dust in Your Home4 min read

Dust is an inevitable part of our daily lives that accumulates steadily if our homes are not cleaned periodically. While a certain amount of dust and dust mites in our living spaces may not cause direct harm, excessive dust can worsen allergies and make your home uncomfortable. Therefore, we must take proactive steps to control dust levels for a cleaner and healthier living environment. Here are 3 practical tips to reduce dust in your home:

1. Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming is one of the most impactful ways to regularly remove dust from various surfaces in your home. Instead of waiting for dust to pile up visibly, develop a vacuuming schedule and stick to it – ideally, about twice a week for carpets and upholstery and once a week for other floors and surfaces. Pay close attention to vacuuming areas that collect more dust, like under furniture, vents, and ceiling corners.

Use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum to loosen embedded particles in carpets and upholstery for deeper cleaning. Don\’t forget about less frequented spots like behind and under the fridge, washing machine, TV stand, etc. Finally, change or clean vacuum filters regularly, as clogged filters reduce suction power. Over time, consistent vacuuming prevents dust from settling in and irritating allergies.

2. Reduce Indoor Dust Sources

In addition to regular vacuuming, it\’s equally important to identify familiar indoor dust producers in your home and find ways to minimize them. Things like cloths, uncovered fabrics, indoor plants, drywall joints, and drapes tend to shed dust quickly into the air that circulates and settles everywhere gradually.

Some proactive steps include – closing doors and windows during dry seasons, using blinds instead of drapes, sealing drywall joints, dusting objects regularly before they shed, avoiding drying clothes indoors, placing indoor plants on trays filled with pebbles to catch loose soil and pollen. Routinely cleaning electronics and gadgets with compressed air also checks new dust introduction. These source-control measures help reduce the rate at which dust forms and distributes in your interiors over time.

3. Hire Professional Cleaners

While regular self-cleaning through vacuuming and dusting helps manage dust levels daily, hiring professionals, especially for deep cleaning tasks, makes a big difference. This is because they come equipped with specialized equipment, cleaning agents, and expertise to access places beyond DIY cleaning effectiveness.

Services like AmeriStar Maids offer customized one-time or recurring cleaning packages to suit your home dust-control needs throughout the year. From top to bottom cleaning of upholstery and mattresses to thorough vacuuming and spot cleaning of walls and drapes – their thorough deep cleaning reaches inaccessible areas frequented by dust.

Expert teams at AmeriStar Maids ensure carpets and upholstery are professionally extracted with high-power steam cleaners to remove embedded allergens down to the pad level. Likewise, technology like microfiber dusting cloths helps remove 99% of the dust from surfaces in one gentle swoop. Calls to trusted pros periodically are a wise investment for long-term peace of mind against dust buildup and its health impacts.

All this leads us to AmeriStar Maids – a leading provider of professional cleaning services in the Back Mountain, Wyoming Valley, and surrounding areas of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Founded to deliver quality, trustworthy home cleaning, they have served customers in the area for over a decade.

Some key advantages of AmeriStar Maids include flexible scheduling, customized cleaning packages, and signature ‘one maid, same maid’ service. You get consistent care from background-checked staff trained in the latest cleaning techniques. Whether you need occasional deep cleaning or a regular maintenance schedule, their maids ensure hygienic homes free from dust, allergens, and germs on every visit.

Best of all, booking with AmeriStar Maids is incredibly affordable and stress-free. You can even request free, no-obligation quotes online or over the phone at (570) 310-1057. Speaking to their friendly representatives helps determine customized solutions that fit your budget and needs.


So, in summary – control indoor dust through a three-pronged approach of regular self-cleaning supplemented by source reduction tactics and periodic professional deep cleaning services from experts like AmeriStar Maids. Holistic management safely keeps dust and associated allergies or health issues at bay for a cleaner living experience.

To learn more about AmeriStar Maids’, visit their website https://ameristarmaids.com or call them today at (570) 310-1057. The team will be pleased to discuss the best options to combat dust and keep your home fresh and hygienic throughout the year.

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