4 Ways To Keep Bugs Out Of Your House This Summer

4 Ways To Keep Bugs Out Of Your House This Summer4 min read

Are insects invading your home every summer? Insects remain inside in warmer weather, which may be bothersome and dangerous. To keep these pests away, always keep the place clean and tidy. 

Paying more attention to the kitchen, bathroom, living rooms, and outdoors will help keep insects away. Here are some ways to keep your house bugs-free this summer.

  1.  Keep Your Kitchen Spotless
  • Clean Up After Every Meal: Insects exist because people leave food scraps and spills after meals, and these objects attract insects with their attractiveness. To solve this issue, tidy up immediately after every meal. Keeping the countertops clean ensures no food stays. You may also prevent ants and cockroaches from locating food by carefully cleaning up after each meal. 
  • Store Food Properly: Store food properly if you don’t want bugs in your residence. Most importantly, food such as Cereals, snacks, fruits, and vegetables must be packaged firmly. Secure containers prevent insects from smelling food, yet they may sneak inside partially covered packages to devour it, keeping insects out of uncovered shipments.
  • Take Out the Trash Regularly: Daily garbage removal is one of the most significant ways to clean and update the kitchen. To avoid pests from food scraps and other waste in your kitchen, empty your trash can regularly. Choose containers with fast-closing lids to prevent scents from getting into your garbage. Use waste bags with smell-blocking technology to deter bugs even more. 
  1. Bathroom Cleanliness is Key
  • Dry Out Damp Areas:

Many insects thrive in water, including silverfish and cockroaches. After showering, open a window or use an exhaust fan to circulate air and dry off. Wipe off the shower, sink, and other wet surfaces after each use to remove dampness, which is necessary to maintain the shower’s operation. 

  • Keep Drains Clean:

Cleaning drains frequently prevents hair and soap scum from accumulating in sinks, which may attract pests. A drain cleaner or baking soda-vinegar mix helps keep your drains clean. Regular drain cleaning may limit the number of insects attempting to live in your bathroom.

  • Seal Gaps and Cracks:

Cleaning your bathroom should include looking for holes or areas insects may utilize to enter. Gaps surround doors, windows, and pipes. Sealing these gaps with caulk or weather stripping prevents pests from entering and destroying the building. 

  1. Bedroom and Living Areas
  • Vacuum Regularly: Dust and crumbs may rapidly accumulate in living spaces, providing insects with a regular food supply because many insects originate in residential areas. Regularly cleaning your home eliminates insect food sources and keeps it clean. 
  • Wash Bedding Frequently: Bugs may live in garments besides dust mites and bed bugs. At least once a week, wash your clothes like linens, pillows, and blankets in hot water. This prevents dust mites and bed bugs, making sleep clean and pleasant.
  • Declutter Your Space: With rubbish, insects are more likely to dwell there. Start a daily routine of sorting and discarding unwanted items. Cleaning up your place thoroughly can eliminate garbage and make it less inviting to flies.
  1. Outside Maintenance
  • Maintain Your Yard:

First, keep your yard clean and remove any residual water mosquitoes might nest in. Trim the shrubs and mow the grass. Remove garbage and rubbish from your yard and seal your compost container. If you regularly maintain your garden, insects from the garden may not enter your house. 

  • Inspect Your Home’s Exterior:

Glance for cracks or holes within your home as you look outside. Be careful around the foundation, doors, and windows. These holes may be sealed with glue or weather stripping to keep pests out. Regular inspections and prompt repairs also help keep pests out of your house. 

  • Keep Outdoor Lights to a Minimum:

When light is there all night, insects are strongly drawn to it. You may try yellow or sodium vapor light bulbs instead, which insects don’t like because mosquitoes dislike these light bulbs. By making one tiny alteration, you may substantially minimize the quantity of pests in your house. 

When to Call a Professional Maid Service

Sometimes, bugs still find their way inside despite a homeowner’s best efforts. Unfortunately, this can often lead to an infestation. If this is the case, you must act quickly to prevent the insects from multiplying further and causing more damage.

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