A clean house sells faster

A Clean House Sells Faster5 min read

Did you just put your house on sale? Well, you want it to be off the listing as soon as possible and want to sell it for as high a price as you can, right? However, selling a house is not an easy job at all. You need to take care of many things. One of the most important ones is a deep cleaning of the house.

Yes, you read that right! Cleaning is one of the most important aspects of getting your house to sell faster. Imagine this situation, would you like to buy a house that has molded showers and is piled up with dust, dirt, and clutter all around? Well, you would not even be able to have a tour of it without getting distracted or feeling icky. That’s what will happen to others when they come to see your house, and it’s not clean.

So, you, as a homeowner, having a house booked for sale, must understand that a clean house sells faster. The question is, what can you do about it?

Well, it starts by making a checklist. Here are some tips that you can follow to keep your house clean for ensuring that it sells faster and at a high price.

Checklist for Keeping Your House Clean

You might indulge in regular cleaning of your house as you live in it. However, when it’s up for sale, you need to go for end-to-end deep cleaning of your house. Here are the things that need your focus and attention.

Cleaning The Entrance of Your House

The entrance is going to create the first impression on the potential buyers. So, you need to keep it clean at all costs. Make it a point to clean your entrance door, including the doorknobs and door handles.

Even the staircase leading to your front door and the window just beside the entrance door along with the curtains on it count. Additionally, if you have a table or any piece of furniture outside your front door, in the entrance, make it a point to clean that as well. Everything needs to look clean, tidy, and simple.

Windows and Curtains Cleaning

It’s not just about cleaning the windows and curtains in your entrance. Windows in your home make up a lot for their look and appeal, and the cleaner they are, the more pleasant their appeal.

In daily parlance, the windows get dirty due to dust and dirt build-up from the surroundings. Additionally, the curtains that you put on the windows get dirty too. So, clearing the windows of all this dirt and dust and washing the curtains so that they look shinier and smell fresher and more pleasing is essential.

Kitchen and Kitchen Cabinets and Appliances

A dirty kitchen equals an unhygienic environment and the absolute possibility of rodents and other pest infestations. No one will ever want to buy a house like that. So, it’s essential that you keep your kitchen as clean as possible.

Make it a point to clean the kitchen platform, cabinets, and all other appliances in there. The dishwasher must also be clean. Make sure that all the utensils are arranged in the dishwasher and thoroughly washed too.


A clean washroom is essential in every household. No one likes to use a washroom that has molded showers and taps and gives out a bad smell. So, you must ensure proper cleaning of the washrooms in your house.

Clean the showers and taps of all the molds. Scrub the washroom floors. Make it a point to add a fragrance to the washroom so that it doesn’t give out unwanted and bad odors. Additionally, make sure that you clean the mirrors and soap dispensers, and handles in your washrooms too.

Floors and Walls

The floors and walls in your home must look clean and shiny too. Make sure that there is no dirt or dust on the floors and walls and that the walls are free of any wasp nests or spider webs.

You must also ensure that the floor remains clutter-free as the clutter can distract potential buyers. They might even trip over something and get injured. This is a situation you want to avoid at all costs.

AmeriStar Maids can Help!

Well, that’s quite a checklist you have got. Now, while these things are essential to keep your house clean and attractive for potential buyers, they’re a lot to handle. So, rather than cleaning your house all by yourself, it will be a better idea to book deep cleaning services with a professional house cleaning agency such as AmeriStar Maids.

The benefit of booking such services will be that you shall have a longer checklist with everything is taken care of and you will not have to do anything at all. The professionals from AmeriStar Maids will take care of everything while you sit back and relax.

So, if you need a deep cleaning service for your home, get in touch with AmeriStar Maids in the following ways-

Final Words

A clean house sells faster as it looks more attractive and pleasant to potential buyers. Moreover, it sells for a higher price too. So, getting deep cleaning done for your house before you put it for sale will definitely be a great idea. AmeriStar Maids will be happy to help you with the same!

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