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Haven’t Done Your Routine Dusting? Experts Say It Could Be Life-Threatening4 min read

According to Yahoo! News, Dust buildup can cause serious health problems, according to Johns Hopkins Hospital lung expert Dr. Panagis Galiatsatos, including serious lung infections and in rare cases, even death.

Health comes to be the most important aspect of any persons’ life. If you want a good, quality, happy, and long life, it’s imperative to maintain proper health and fitness. Now, when it comes to this, everything majorly depends on the lifestyle you adapt to, and among other things, this also includes how hygienic an environment you maintain around yourself.

It’s needless to mention that clean, sanitary, and hygienic conditions are necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, often we ignore this part. We skip on the routine cleaning and dusting in our homes way too often, sometimes because we’re lazy and sometimes because we just don’t feel the need. But how healthy is it to ignore this cleanliness around your homes?

Short Answer: It’s Extremely Unhealthy!

Experts say that any form of dust buildup inside a premise can lead to fatal results. Ignoring the cleanliness around the house, sitting on dusty chairs and sofas under ceiling fans that haven’t been cleaned for days or months is the perfect way to invite life-threatening diseases and issues your way.

Let’s dig into how inattentiveness to routine dusting is going to affect your health. However, before that, let’s get a brief idea of what dust comprises so that it\’s easier to understand why dusting is needed regularly.

What Comprises Dust?

Dust can include anything ranging from tiny bits of particles in the surroundings to the hairs that have fallen while you were brushing them, particles and bits falling off from your clothing, skin cells, bugs, etc. Basically, everything that has chemical contaminants that could be airborne or present on the surface can be considered dust.

So, there’s a lot of dust around you even when you’re indoors, and when these particles are airborne, the inhalation of the same can lead to breathing problems. Surface contamination can also have fatal effects as you come in contact with dust-covered surfaces.

With that idea about dust, let’s look at how it affects health.

How Does Dust Affect Health?

Dust would mainly cause breathing issues and problems since the particles are mostly airborne, and as you inhale them, the chemicals and contaminants cause irritation in the lungs. This can be fatal for people suffering from Asthama. Moreover, it can lead to bronchial allergies as well.

Breathing the dust particles can also cause shortness of breath as they irritate the insides of your nasal chambers, and you want to get rid of those dust particles, which results in involuntary actions like coughing and sneezing. If this happens for long periods of time, shortness of breath does occur, and you can even develop a hypersensitive reaction towards dust particles.

Even surface contamination due to dust can be harmful in the sense that it may lead to skin problems and allergies. The chemicals and allergens that you come in contact with when touching a dusty surface can lead to allergic reactions, which are often painful and sometimes fatal as well.

So, living around and in dusty environments is definitely fatal and life-threatening, which pretty much puts light on the fact that routine dusting must never be ignored. However, what constitutes enough dusting? What’s the best way to perform routine dusting? Well, let’s check that!

Routine Dusting: What You Need to Know?

The importance of routine dusting has been stressed enough in this article; however, the question now is how to do it to prevent the harmful effects of dust on your health?

Well, the best way is to wet mop the floors and other surfaces in your homes. You may prefer dry wiping the surfaces; however, that has higher chances of you inhaling the dust directly while cleaning, which shall again be harmful. While dry wiping can be a good idea in some instances, wet mopping and cleaning come as the best option for routine dusting.

Coming to the question of what constitutes enough dusting, it entirely depends on the environment and surroundings you’re living in. The best way to figure out the answer for this is to check your home and determine for yourself how often it needs dusting. In any case, dusting the floors and surfaces once a day is imperative and something you must set as a ground rule for yourself.

Wrap Up

A clean, hygienic, and dust-free environment is imperative for a healthy and happy life. Routine dusting doesn’t take long, and when you do that, you can live with a better feeling and breathe more freely. So, clean and dust regularly and have a healthy environment for yourself.

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