How to Choose A Maid Service1 min read

If you are looking to hire a maid service for your home, there are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to bring on a service.

First, you must check the reputation of the service provider. Take a few minutes to dig into the websites, social media (if they have) and previous client’s feedback.

Once you have accomplished this research, then think about the minimum chores you will need completed and see if the service provider includes them in your estimate.

Before choosing a maid service 

  •  As we suggested, investigate a little bit about the provider´s previous work.
  • Ask for information about the employees who will be at your home.
  • Don´t try to do everything at the time. If there is too much to clean, it’s better to divide the job into different sessions.
  • Prepare the place. Try to remove objects from the floor and things that can consume unnecessary time.
  • Establish priorities and begin with the most urgent space that needs to be clean.

Once you have all this covered you will be able to choose your maid service accurately and take the next step in the hiring process. 

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