How to Clean a Stove Top, Including Tough Stains and Grease

How to Clean a Stove Top, Including Tough Stains and Grease4 min read

You often experience cleaning and degreasing your stove tops is more difficult than you thought. It is because you are unaware of the methods and steps that require emphasis to visualize decent stovetops.

You must clean greased-out surfaces of the stovetops as they can cause respiratory diseases while cooking food in the kitchen constantly. However, there are methods to avoid unwanted splashes of food all over the stovetops, making them look messy.

Moreover, these kitchen equipment like ovens, kettles, and gas stovetops are unavoidable when they look dirty. This article will provide some steps and implementations that you can use to clean your stovetops in the kitchen.

Cleaning and Degreasing Your Stove Top

Cleaning and degreasing your stove tops in the kitchen is an important thing you must do as it assures that no food bacteria or grease buildup exists on the platform of the stove stops. However, it also allows you to maintain hygiene within the kitchen area.

You must significantly clean stove top regions when you are cooking raw food items like chicken, meat, and dry edibles. The splatter can cause ingestion to the body when you eat the food cooked on a greased stovetop.

Alongside all these germs ad bacteria that can enter your body, you might feel bad when you see your guests mocking your messy kitchen and stovetops. However, there are some specific stove tops available which are mentioned below, and you can manually clean them.

  • Glass Stovetop
  • Gas Stovetop

So, now that you know the stovetops available, you can learn the methods you can use to clean these stovetops off grease and splatters.

  1. Cleaning and Degreasing Glass Stovetop

You need extra precautions if you have a glass stove top, which must be cleaned after using the platform. However, you can look into the steps mentioned below if you need to clean and degrease the stovetop.

  • You must ensure that the stove top is dry and cold, as you must never start when the glass stovetop surface is hot.
  • Take adequate hot water in a bowl, pour liquid dishwasher on it, and mix the combination unless you see a rough mixture.
  • Dip a fine-fibred towel in the mix and let it take time unless it seems saturated.
  • Pour a layer of baking soda all over the stovetop’s platform and use the towel.
  • Wait 30 minutes and then begin scrubbing the entire surface forming circular cleaning.
  • You can get another dry and rough towel to remove the filth from the surface after cleaning the stovetop.

However, if you use a fine scrubber, you need to be extra cautious as they can allow the formation of scratches if you apply too much pressure while cleaning.

  1. Cleaning and Degreasing Gas Stovetop

You can clean your gas stovetops for food grime, greased surface, and splatters and make your kitchen ambiance look better and cleaner. Here are some quick steps that you can follow to get ahead with the cleaning work.

  • Ensure that the gas stovetop is dry and cold before you start the cleaning process.
  • Clean the surface using a moist cloth and scrub the whole surface of the gas stovetop.
  • You can use a sponge cleaner, dip it into a liquid washer, and scrub teh stovetop.
  • You can clean unremovable dirt and splatter it with baking soda and vinegar.
  • Apply the baking soda and vinegar mixture until it settles down on the surface.
  • Use a dry and warm towel to remove all the dirt after cleaning, and you will find a decent stovetop.

AmeriStar Maids Can Help You in Cleaning and Degreasing Your Stove Top

You must initiate the frequent cleaning of stovetops to experience clean and sanitized stovetops. A quick check of the stovetop cleaning includes checking the side surfaces are clean, as they are more prone to grease formation.

AmeriStar Maids is a cleaning service provider company that you can approach to get answers to your queries related to cleaning and sanitization. Moreover, they also provide professionals in cleaning to help you assist in the process.

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Always ensure that when you wrap up from the kitchen after cooking, you can instantly clean your stovetop surfaces to ensure the cleaning practice. This article is a guide that you can use to understand washing and degreasing your stovetop.

Moreover, you can also make a call at AmeriStar Maids or drop a query at the provided mail and find answers to your cleaning problems.

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