How to Remove Sharpie from Any Surface

How to Remove Sharpie from Any Surface4 min read

We have many things at home that require proper labels on them, for instance, kid’s clothes, CDs and DVDs, containers, etc. What could be better than a Sharpie for this?

Sharpies are excellent for labeling anything and everything. They have permanent ink that doesn’t fade. So, you never have to worry about your labels and markings getting defaced.

However, what if you get sharpie on a surface where it was not needed at all? Permanent marker stains can be nasty and spoil your furniture, walls, clothes, etc. Now, you either decide to live with those stains after trying a lot to get them out or simply decide to lose a few bucks from your pockets and replace the spoilt stuff.

But what if we said that there are some easy tricks to get rid of sharpie stains? Well, yes! You read that right. Despite being permanent ink, there are some ways to lighten or even entirely remove it from surfaces. So, before you go on discarding your stuff due to sharpie stains, have a read of this article and know some brilliant ways to remove sharpie from any surface.

Tips and Tricks to Remove Sharpie from Any Surface

While sharpie stains are nasty and it’s challenging to get rid of them, there are some quick and easy ways, after all, to get rid of such stains. Here are some things that you can try-

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol is a stain remover that works on most surfaces. In fact, most stain removers have rubbing alcohol in them to work their action. You simply need to dip a cotton ball or sponge in rubbing alcohol and dab the surface to get the sharpie off of it.

Hair Spray

Hair Spray has a decent amount of alcohol in it and works the same way rubbing alcohol does. So, if you don’t have rubbing alcohol, hair spray can do the job of removing sharpie from any surface. Moreover, using a hair spray will be easier due to the convenience of applying it to the sharpie stain and breaking the ink particles.

Nail Paint Remover

Nail Paint Remover contains acetone, which is used as a stain remover for many purposes. The acetone in the nail paint remover will help break the ink particles in the sharpie stain and remove the stain in no time at all.

Hand Sanitizer

We have been using sanitizer a lot during the pandemic. However, you can put hand sanitizer to more uses than you know. As you may already know, hand sanitizers have alcohol, which is a good stain remover. So, you can try hand sanitizer to remove sharpie stains.

Dry Erase Marker

A dry erase marker will work on most surfaces to eliminate sharpies. In fact, it’s made to remove sharpie and other permanent ink stains. You simply have to scribble with the dry erase marker all over the permanent ink stain, and once done, you can wipe it all off with a cloth or duster. However, this solution will work only on hard surfaces like plastic, wood, or glass.

In case you need to remove sharpie from other soft surfaces or fabrics, other methods like rubbing alcohol, nail paint remover, etc., will be more helpful.

Some More Things to Consider When Removing Sharpie from Any Surface

While the stain removers mentioned above can help remove sharpie from any surface, it’s essential to use them right. So, here are some things you need to remember when removing sharpie using these tricks-

  1. Do not rub any stain remover on the surface, especially when it’s a soft fabric. Gently dab the surface with the stain remover to prevent the ink from spreading.
  2. Give due consideration to the surface from which you need to remove the sharpie. Every solution will not work on everything. For instance, you cannot use dry-erase ink on soft surfaces like fabric. Additionally, rubbing alcohol may not be the right choice for softer fabrics. So, ensure that you’re using the right trick for the right surface to get the best results.
  3. In some cases, do-it-yourself tricks don’t work, and you may need professional help. So, get such help whenever you see the need. For instance, you may not want to work on the sharpie stains on costly and delicate fabrics like silk or satin. For such fabrics, it’s better to drop them off at dry cleaners and let the professionals do their job.

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Final Words

So, that was all about removing sharpie from any surface. We hope this article was helpful and that you will no longer fret about getting sharpies on unwanted places or surfaces as you mark and label your products.

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