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You\’ll probably spend more time indoors throughout the winter, which makes now the ideal time to give your home the thorough cleaning it needs. Although spring cleaning receives more attention, a thorough winter clean may be just as fulfilling. Instead of enduring the cold outside, take on a variety of housekeeping duties inside your house. Here is a list of 10 winter cleaning jobs you should do this season, ranging from thorough cleaning to area clearing.

Here is how you can keep your home clean during the winter months.

Make Sure Every Piece of Bedding is Clean

For as long as the care instructions let, wash the bedding in the hottest water possible and dry everything on high heat. Next, give the mattress protectors, ornamental pillows, blankets, and pillows a separate wash. Note: To make sure you are washing these goods correctly, make sure you follow the directions on the label.

Deep Clean the Mattress

Mattresses that are carefully cleaned

It\’s time to clean the mattress now that your linens are clean and freshly cleaned. Utilizing an upholstery attachment, begin by vacuuming every mattress. Next, use an enzyme cleanser to spot clean stains or combine one teaspoon of mild dish soap with one cup of warm water to create a cleaning solution.

Avoid soaking the mattress by misting the stain with the solution using a spray bottle. After carefully scrubbing the stain away using a sponge or soft bristle brush, pat dry with a fresh towel. After the mattress is dry, sprinkle it with baking soda and let it lie for a few hours before using the upholstery attachment to hoover up the baking soda.

Prepare the Fireplace

As you cozy up by the fire this winter, be sure it\’s ready and operating. When using the fireplace, start by checking for any buildup, debris, or blockages that can pose a problem. Verify that the flue is functional and permits effective smoke escape and that the damper opens and closes smoothly. Lastly, check to see whether the firebrick has any cracks or wear indicators.

Clean and Adjust Ceiling Fans

Although ceiling fans are not necessary for cooling down your house during the winter, they may be a helpful tool for heating your home more efficiently. Make sure to adjust and clean all of your home\’s ceiling fans before the temps dip. To circulate heated air that builds up near the ceiling and draw cool air up towards it, you should turn your fans clockwise and operate them at their lowest speed throughout the winter. As a result, the space feels cosier and your heating costs may go down. Typically, the fan\’s base allows you to change the fan\’s direction.

Adjust it and then give it a thorough cleaning. To begin with, set a drop cloth underneath the fan to collect any falling dust. Using a sponge or microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner, wipe down every surface of each blade while standing on a ladder and having a companion support it. Get an extending brush if your ceilings are particularly high so you can clean the entire blade\’s angle.

Clear Out Coat Closets

Organize the area where everyone keeps their coats, hats, and gloves before it\’s time to layer up. Dust the inside of the wardrobe and remove everything before starting. Sort through each coat to choose which ones you\’ll retain and which ones should be donated before putting them up. If your hangers are damaged or insufficiently sturdy to support a bulky coat, replace them. Next, go through your collection of hats, scarves, and gloves to see if you can arrange them more neatly and conveniently.

Thoroughly Clean the Dryer and Washer

Give your washer and dryer a thorough cleaning before beginning another load of laundry. Your washer and dryer require maintenance too, as seen by pet hair, dirt, and built-up detergent. Routine deep cleaning increases the longevity and maintains the effectiveness of these appliances.

Use a cup of white vinegar in the washer\’s hot water cycle. Use a vinegar solution to clean the interior, exterior, and door of the washer while it is filling with hot water. Scrub detergent and fabric softener build-up with a little scrub brush. For the dryer, use a cleaning cloth soaked in warm water and mild soap to wipe the exterior and drum cloth. You should also hover the exhaust vent and lint trap.

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