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Monthly Maid Service FromAmeriStar Maids

At AmeriStar Maids, we know how easy it is to fall behind on daily cleaning. Our monthly maid service is a great way to make sure your home stays clean and healthy and always looks in tip-top shape. Whether you choose the basic, deep clean, or organic cleaning option, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service. We have great relationships with our clients, so you can rest assured that your home will be in good hands.

Why Hire a Monthly Home Cleaning Service?

Sometimes, life gets so busy that we realize there is simply no time to thoroughly clean our homes as often as we would like. When you hire the cleaning experts at AmeriStar Maids, you can go about your day while knowing that your home is being treated with the utmost care. We will perform all of the routine cleaning tasks, such as taking out the trash, cleaning the restrooms, light dusting, and cleaning the floors, with the speed and efficiency you need. If you’re interested in deep cleaning, we will take our cleaning to the next level and scour the walls, doors, and windows as well as dust high and low and vacuum the furniture.

By passing the reins to a team of professionals, you are being proactive about the health and well-being of your home and family. A home thoroughly cleaned by AmeriStar Maids is free of dust and other allergens that could harm you in the long run. Many families that suffer from allergies are surprised to find relief after switching to a more thorough deep-cleaning routine.

To learn more about our residential maid services in Northeast Pennsylvania or to schedule a free cleaning service consultation, please fill out the lead form below or give us a call at (570) 310-1057

Your Home Deserves the Best

We understand you have options when it comes to house cleaning services, and that’s why we strive to raise the bar at AmeriStar Maids. While we may not be the cheapest in town, our results speak for themselves. Many of our clients have been with us for 10 to15 years, and we look forward to serving you too!