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This is the ultimate guide that will make your home cleaning experience an effortless one. Keeping your living space clean and organized doesn’t always have to be a task you dread. With this ultimate guide and a few simple tips and tricks, you can transform your home into a haven of cleanliness, hygiene, and serenity. So, let’s deal with this daunting task effortlessly by diving into some easy cleaning hacks.

Declutter Like a Pro

The first rule of keeping a clean home is decluttering. Get rid of anything and everything that you think you will never use in the future or have not used in a while. Sometimes we keep things thinking that they will come to use in the future but they just accumulate and accumulate and at the end of the day you have a huge pile of stuff that you don’t use cluttering your space. Storage solutions are the secret to a clutter-free space. When everything has a designated space cleaning is so much more easier and it also looks better.

Master the Art of Dusting

Dust always comes back and accumulates quickly. A dusty surface can make your home look unkempt so dust your home regularly from top to bottom, just grab a microfiber cloth or a duster and get at it. Don’t forget to dust light fixtures, ceiling fans, and baseboards. You would be surprised how quickly dusting changes the outlook of your home and it also improves the air quality in your home.

Shine Bright with Window Cleaning

A room can be instantly brightened with clean windows. A glass cleaner can do wonders but for an effective DIY window cleaner, you can mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle and see the magic. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away any streaks are fingerprints for crystal clear windows and let the sunshine in for a brighter space.

Kitchen Cleanup Made Easy

Kitchen clean-up is the most important as the kitchen is the heart of the home. Make sure to wipe down the countertops, appliances, and cabinet doors with the gentle cleaner, and don’t forget to clean the inside of your kitchen appliances a solution of vinegar water and lemon can get rid of all those hard stains and smells for you. Pay extra attention to your refrigerator and pantry and clean them regularly to avoid any odors food spoilage or god forbid, insects or pests.

Bathroom Brilliance

A clean bathroom is a necessity. Clean your bathroom irregularly. Use a disinfectant cleaner to scrub the sink, shower, tub, and toilet don’t forget the grout lines and faucets. You don’t want your bathroom to be half clean so get on your knees and scrub because hard water stains aside there’s a lot that goes on in your bathroom that can make it a potential source of bad smells and diseases.

Floor Care 101

Want to maintain clean floors? The answer is simple regular vacuuming and mopping. before buying a vacuum cleaner keep your flooring type in mind for best results and for hardwood floors, a microfiber mop is the best, use it with a gentle cleanser for a blemish-free shine.

Laundry Love

Instead of waiting to do all your laundry at once prefer doing small loads instead. This way you can stay on top of your laundry. The trick is to separate your clothes by color and fabric preventing any mishaps in the wash. And for the washing machine, you can clean it periodically by running an empty cycle with vinegar and baking soda.

Bedroom Bliss

Make your bed daily and keep surrounding surfaces free of clutter for a serious sleeping environment. Do a weekly cleanse where you wash your bedding to keep things fresh and cozy and avoid pimples and breakouts?

Outdoor Oasis

Once you have the inside cover head on to the outdoor spaces and sweep your patios and walkways and decks. Do this regularly to keep them looking tidy. For an enhanced curb appeal trim bushes and plants and you might even consider using a pressure washer to keep your driveway and other surfaces clean.

AmeriStar Maids Your Trusted Home Cleaning Partner

For the times when your cleaning needs require a professional touch, AmeriStar Maids is the choice to make. All your requirements will be met and you will receive top-notch cleaning services from their team of expert cleaners. From regular maintenance cleaning to deep cleaning for special occasions, AmeriStar Maids is here to take care of all your cleaning needs.

Visit our website at to learn more about our services or give us a call at (570)-310-1057 to schedule your next cleaning appointment. You can also reach out via email at for inquiries or bookings. 

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