Spring Cleaning Tips to Refresh Your Home, from the Experts at AmeriStar Maids

Spring Cleaning Tips to Refresh Your Home, from the Experts at AmeriStar Maids4 min read

Well, spring requires a good cleaning of the space you live in. With spring cleaning tips for a refreshing home, you will feel the fresh touch of the breeze more lovingly. Moreover, with a clean home and better living conditions, you will feel more energized and enhanced. Let us see the spring cleaning tips for a home refresh that you should follow during spring cleaning.

Organize Everything 

First and foremost, you have to get rid of the objects and materials that you no longer require and the ones that are only taking up space in your home. Giving up on such items is necessary to have a clutter-free and dust-free surrounding. This also makes everything look better managed. 

Clean Surfaces and Linens

Most often, we forget to clean surfaces and linens. Begin with cleaning the carpets and disinfecting the floor. Further, you must rub the kitchen cabinets and remove the oil and dirt on the surface. Washing your bedsheets is not enough, you must clean the curtains, tablecloths, and mattresses as well. 

Declutter the Materials

An organized home is a clean home! When you begin the spring cleaning session, you must put things in their place. Make sure to keep necessary items such as chargers or keys in an open area, and the rest of the items that you do not need frequently can be stored securely to make the house look cleaner.

Wash the Bedsheets and Curtains

One important step to having a refreshing home after a spring cleaning session is to wash the bedsheets and curtains regularly. The bedsheets spread on your bed and the curtains should be clean and they should look good. For that, you should wash the bedsheets and curtains during the spring cleaning process. 

Clean the Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets and shelves often have dirt, dust, oil, and grease accumulated on them. They are the result of oily hands that we unknowingly put on the kitchen cabinets. Therefore, it is extremely important and necessary for you to clean the kitchen cabinets using vinegar or baking soda. 

Rub the Rugs and Carpets

Even though you could have made a checklist of the spring cleaning, you might have forgotten to add the task of rubbing the rugs and carpets in it. You need to make sure to remove the dirt and dust that is stored in the rugs and carpets by rubbing them against the wall. Also, if the rugs and carpets at your place are too old, it is better to replace them with new ones. 

Get Rid of Pet Hair

If you are a pet owner you might be acquainted with the issue of pet hair getting stuck in various places in the house. Most often, it happens on the sofa and the beds. When you decide to clean your home during the spring season, you should take extra steps to get rid of pet hair effectively and have a neat and clean home thereafter. 

Clean the Bathroom Tiles and the Basin

A bathroom is a place that hardly remains dry. The presence of water along with dirt and dust in the bathroom can result in clogged drains. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the bathroom timely and regular. Specific care should be given to the tiles and the basin. You can either use vinegar or you can purchase a solution from the market to clean the tiles and basin. 

Repair Electrical Boards and Appliances 

Lastly, you should focus on getting the electrical boards or appliances repaired. Although it is not counted as proper cleaning, if the electrical boards and appliances look bad, it can majorly affect the appearance of your room or hall. As a result, it is important to get the electrical boards repaired or replaced with new ones accordingly. 

AmeriStar Maids is the Solution!

Cleaning your house during the spring season requires time and effort. To help you with that, you can rely on the amazing professional service offered by AmeriStar Maids. 

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Final Words 

Proper cleaning of your house during the spring season can give you a shiny and clean place to live in throughout the year. Thus, you should be careful while cleaning your house during spring and make it look neat and tidy.

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