Tips for Eliminating Dog Hair at Home

Tips for Eliminating Dog Hair at Home4 min read

Dogs are the most loyal companions anyone can have. They’re playful, lovable, and make the atmosphere in your room a lot more cheerful. It’s for these reasons that many people like to be a pet parent to a dog.

However, as joyous as it is to have a pet dog at your home, the hair they shed all around the household can become extremely frustrating. Moreover, it’s pretty challenging to get rid of dog hair, which only adds to the irritation.

However, dog hair lying around will make your home look untidy. Moreover, it’s unhygienic and can cause some serious health problems in the long run. So, it’s essential for you to eliminate dog hair at home.

If you’re wondering how to do that, you’re in the right place. In this article, we share some amazing tips for eliminating dog hair at home so that your home remains clean and hygienic as your furry pet enjoys itself around the house.

How to Remove Dog Hair At Home?

It can be challenging to get rid of dog hair at home, given that your furry companion keeps shedding them endlessly. However, some tips and tricks can be helpful.

Here are some ways you can try to eliminate dog hair at home-

Cover Your Furniture With Dryer Sheet

Dryer Sheets are a great way to keep pet hair away from your furniture. You simply need to cover your furniture, couch, and bed with dryer sheets, and then even if your dog sheds, you can get rid of all the pet hair by simply replacing the dryer sheet.

However, the constant use of dryer sheets can make this trick of eliminating pet hair at home quite a costly affair.

Dampening the dryer sheets a bit can be more helpful here because the pet hair will stick better to dampened sheets, and this way, they won’t drift with the air spreading to other areas of the house.

Use a Wet Swipe on Your Carpet Before Vacuuming

Vacuuming is one of the most convenient ways to eliminate dog hair at home. However, you need to check out the suction power and other aspects of your vacuum cleaner. Moreover, all vacuum cleaners do not work the same. But if you simply wet swipe your carpets before vacuuming, your job can become a lot easier.

The wet wipe will make the dog hair stick to the mop, and the remaining hair will roll like a giant hairball. So, it will be easier for the vacuum cleaner to suck in all the dog hair collected together in one corner and keep your floors and carpets clean.

Rubber Gloves Can Come In Very Handy

If you have dog hair on your furniture pieces like tabletops, desks, etc., you can simply wipe them off. All you have to do is wear rubber gloves before wiping off the dog\’s hair. The hair will stick well to the rubber gloves, and then you can simply discard the gloves into the dustbin.

Using a wet sponge, lint roller, or duct tape can do a similar job. Moreover, you can use duct tape or a lint roller to pick up dog hair on your clothes too.

An Anti-Static Spray Makes the Job A Lot Easier

An anti-static spray pulls off the hair from all kinds of surfaces and ensures that the hair doesn’t stick back to your furniture or carpets. So, before trying to eliminate the dog hair at your home by sweeping, wiping, or vacuuming them, you can use an anti-static spray over the surfaces so that the hair comes off more easily when you finally use your vacuum cleaner.

Rubber Broom or Squeegee Can Help Eliminate Dog Hair

The rubber attached to the bottom of a rubber broom or squeegee does the same job as a rubber glove, lint roller, and duct tape. You simply need to move the squeegee back and forth on the floors and other furniture tops, and the rubber base will pick all the dog hair, thereby eliminating them from your home.

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Final Words

So, this was all about eliminating dog hair at your home. We hope these tips were helpful, and you will no longer frown upon seeing any dog hair around your house.

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