Where Are Germs Hiding in Your Home and How to Clean

Where Are Germs Hiding in Your Home and How to Clean4 min read

Germs, bacteria, viruses, pathogens, we want to steer clear of them as far as possible. However, these microorganisms are commonly found in homes which is why cleaning and disinfection are always essential to keep the presence of these harmful microbes to a minimum.

But where do these germs reside most commonly in the house? What part of the house do you need to clean the most?

Well, there are several places where germs will be more commonly found in the house which is why cleaning those places above all becomes essential. Let us acquaint you with all such places in this article.

Places Where Germs Are Most Commonly Present in Home

Every part of the house has some germs and microbes present and even the most efficient cleaning and disinfection would kill only 99.99% of the germs. However, some parts of the home have germs more commonly present than in the other parts.

Herein below are all such places in the home where you will most commonly find germs.

Home Kitchen

As much as you may hate to admit it and want to say that you always keep your kitchen slick and span, you need to understand that the dirtiest part of your home is the kitchen. You may keep it the tidiest, but it is still the dirtiest due to the presence of germs there.

Multiple parts of the kitchen have germs present. The kitchen sinks are the most common place in the kitchen where you will find germs because that’s the place where dirty utensils and crockery go. Additionally, the kitchen sponge is also full of germs and so is the cloth that you use to clean the kitchen stands and tops.

That is why it is essential that you clean the dirty utensils as soon as possible and don’t let them sit for too long in the kitchen. Additionally, you must keep replacing the kitchen sponges and clothes so that there is no germ build-up in them.

With careful practice, you can be assured that there are no germs present in your kitchen and that it is as clean as it looks.

House Bathroom

The most obvious place where you know germs will be there in the bathroom. Be it the toilet bowl, sink, shower area, or any other place in your bathroom, you are aware that germs are there. The presence of germs increases if your bathroom remains wet and full of moisture as that leads to the formation of molds and mildews in the bathroom which is a fungus and leads to germ build-up.

It is therefore necessary to always keep the bathroom dry and free from moisture. You must also take care of other things such as using automatic toilet bowl cleaner which will flush the toilet after every use and keep it clean. You can also use air fresheners in the bathroom to keep the air in the bathroom pleasant. Using an exhaust fan in the bathroom is also a good idea because it keeps the air filtered and ensures that there are no germs in there.

Living Room

The living room is another area in the home which commonly has germs. People constantly come in and out of your living room and there may be pets in the living room too. So, pet hair and pet odors in the air lead to germ buildup and so does the occupancy of other people in the room. The dirt and dust on the carpets in the living room are also responsible for germ buildup.

The best way to keep the living room clean is to ensure proper cleaning of the place on a regular basis. You must vacuum the carpets and other corners of the living room. In order to get rid of pet odors, you can install an air purifier in the living room which filters out the air and keeps it clean.

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Final Words

Keeping your home clean is a huge task but you need to do it to ensure that there are no germs affecting the indoor environment of the home. Once you know the places where germs are most commonly found in your home, you can clean them and manage the environment.

We hope you found this article helpful and are all set to get rid of germs in your home.

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