3 Helpful Pantry Cleaning Tips and Tricks

3 Helpful Pantry Cleaning Tips and Tricks4 min read

It’s easy for your kitchen and pantry to get cluttered and unorganized as you work your way around it, especially when you are too busy with your work schedules. However, working in a cluttered kitchen can be overwhelming and unhygienic.

It’s essential to keep your pantry clean and organized to ensure that you’re living in a hygienic environment and eating the right food. Moreover, an organized pantry will save you a lot of time when cooking as you will not have to look around for things. Everything will come in handy.

But as we talk about cleaning and maintaining your pantry, you may wonder how you can do that amidst your hectic schedules. Well, we have got you covered with these brilliant and helpful pantry cleaning tips.

How to Keep Your Pantry Clean and Organized?

Well, it doesn’t take a lot to keep your pantry clean and organized. Just a few cleaning tips and tricks go a long way in helping you out. Here are some tips that you must follow when cleaning your pantry.

Get Rid of All The Clutter At First

The biggest challenge when cleaning a pantry is that you don’t know where to start. Well, you never have to be confused about that ever again. The correct place to start is at your shelves and cabinets.

Your shelves and cabinets remain largely cluttered with cans and jars, many of which you may not even use. So, you need to start by getting rid of all this clutter.

Simply start by emptying your shelves and cabinets so that you can have a clear view of everything you have. Once you see everything in your pantry, you can start eliminating the unwanted stuff and keep only what you need.

Another good idea when doing this activity will be to do it in batches. Don’t try to get done with all the shelves and cabinets at once. Take it one at a time so that the task is not too overwhelming for you.

Clean and Vacuum the Cabinets and Shelves Before Rearranging Your Pantry

The shelves and cabinets in your pantry are prone to dust and dirt. Additionally, there may be food crumbs and accidental spills on the shelves and cabinets. So, it’s essential to clean them up to prevent any infestation and allergies in your home.

So, once you have emptied your shelves and cabinets, make sure that you clean them well before rearranging your pantry.

Simply take a wet cloth and wipe all the shelves and cabinets with it. Additionally, you can vacuum the entire space for further deep cleaning.

In addition to cleaning and vacuuming the shelves and cabinets, it will also be a good idea to wipe the jars, cans, and other things in your pantry to maintain cleanliness.

Avoid Any Kind of Moisture in Your Pantry

Moisture in your pantry will lead to mold and fungus buildup which is very unhygienic and can cause diseases and infections. So, it’s essential that you avoid moisture in your pantry at all costs.

Make sure that is proper ventilation within your shelves and cabinets. Place the jars and cans with enough space between them to let the air pass. Keep the dry and wet stuff separately.

Also, ensure that there are no expired products in your pantry as such products are more prone to fungus and moss buildup.

Regular cleaning of the pantry is also essential for this very purpose of keeping the moisture away. So, ensure that you’re cleaning your pantry whenever necessary and avoiding moisture and dampness within the shelves and cabinets at all times.

Get Help From Professionals

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Final Words

So, that’s all about pantry cleaning tips and tricks from our side. While the task is a bit hectic and overwhelming, these tips and tricks can help ease it out. The best idea will be to bring in professionals like AmeriStar Maids to help you the best.

We hope this article was helpful and that you’re all set to clean and organize your pantry!

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