Tips for Preventing Bathroom Mold

Tips for Preventing Bathroom Mold4 min read

We always stress the importance of keeping a clean home, and this includes your bathroom as well. However, bathroom cleaning can be one of the most challenging household chores.

You might feel icky cleaning your bathroom, especially when there are bathroom molds. Bathrooms are the perfect place for molds to breed due to the constant availability of moisture and dampness there. But molds are unhygienic and make you feel dirty every time you use your bathroom. So, it’s essential to get rid of bathroom molds and take some preventative measures to control and prevent mold buildup.

If you’re wondering what you could do for the same, you’re in the right place. In this article, we share some useful tips for preventing bathroom mold.

How to Eliminate and Prevent Bathroom Mold

If your bathroom is already infected with mold build-up, you need to clean it. You can either do it yourself or hire professional cleaning services from AmeriStar Maids.

Once you’ve eliminated the bathroom mold, you can use the following tips for preventing any bathroom mold buildup in the future-

Keep the Bathroom Cool and Dry

Molds generally breed in damp and wet surroundings. So, it’s essential that you keep your bathroom clean and dry at all times. Your squeegee will be your best friend here. Ensure that you wipe your bathroom floor clean and get rid of excess water on the floor. With drier bathroom floors, you need not worry about molds. Moreover, your bathroom will remain cool, and you can have a better time having a soothing and relaxing bath.

Install a Good Shower Fan in Your Bathroom and Use it Well

Shower fans and vents are essential to keep your bathroom prevented from molds. They keep the bathroom dry and moisture-free by sucking all the moisture in the air while also drying up water on the bathroom walls and glasses. So, it’s essential to install a good shower fan in your bathroom.

Moreover, you need to use it well. Running the shower fan for a few minutes will not help. The correct use of your shower fan will be to run it during the shower and for another 30-60 minutes after you step out of the shower so that there’s enough time for the fan to suck up the water and moisture in the bathroom.

Keep Your Bathroom Accessories Dry By Maintaining Them on Shelves

You need to keep your shower products and other bathroom accessories dry. Keeping them on solid surfaces or the bathroom floor will lead to mold buildup.

A better idea will be to dry out your products after every use and maintain them on proper shelves and holders that allow air to pass through the products and keep them dry at all times, thereby preventing mold buildup on your shower products and other accessories like sponges, etc.

Fix Any Leakage in Your Bathroom

If your bathroom has any leakage, no matter how much you wipe or dry it, the leakage will always keep the bathroom wet. So, it’s essential to fix the leakages in your bathroom to prevent any dampness and moisture from causing mold buildup.

You can check for the leakages and fix them yourself or call a plumber for more professional service. Moreover, it will be a good idea to check your bathroom taps and showers for leakages at regular intervals so that you can fix them before they start causing any other problems.

Get Help from Professional Cleaning Service

Last but not least, it will always be a great idea to get help from a professional cleaning service like AmeriStar Maids. They’ll keep your bathroom clean and even ensure that there’s no bacteria or mold buildup or any other unwanted issue in your bathroom.

With their services, you can ensure that your bathroom remains pleasant, clean, and hygienic at all times.

If you want to book their service, you can simply get in touch with them in the following ways-

Final Words

Bathroom molds can give an extremely icky feeling and make you very uncomfortable using your restroom. Your relaxing shower and bath times can become a nightmare for you, with molds lurking from your bathroom surfaces, shower taps, etc. So, it’s essential to prevent them in every manner you can.

Keeping the bathroom dry and free of moisture is a pre-requisite, and you can easily do that by making proper and efficient use of shower fans and squeegees. Additionally, if your bathroom already has mold, it will be a great idea to invest in a professional cleaning service like AmeriStar Maids.

We hope that this article was helpful, and you will now be at ease in keeping your bathroom free from molds and other fungal buildups.

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