5 Most Overlooked Places to Clean in Your House

5 Most Overlooked Places to Clean in Your House5 min read

Cleaning your house forms an essential and imperative part of your routine. When your home is clean, it’s a healthier place to live in without putting yourself at the risk of infections. Additionally, clean environments create more appealing vibes and give you a sense of calm, satisfaction, and peace of mind.

However, the question is if your home is really as clean as you believe it to be? As a matter of fact, it may not be the case! While you keep cleaning around, dirt and dust lurk in places right in front of your eyes. You may just walk back and forth an area in your house and not even realize that it’s filthy and unclean.

Now, why does that happen?

Why Do Some Places In Your House Remain Unclean?

Well, the simple reason is that these places are overlooked. However, that’s not at all your fault.

Sometimes the things blend so well in the surroundings that you hardly notice them. Some other places are just hard to reach, so you tend to ignore them. Moreover, at times, you may not feel a certain spot requires cleaning, doorknobs and handles, for instance.

Whatever the case, the fact of the matter is that these places remain overlooked, and that doesn’t bode well in the long run. As dirt and dust keep accumulating in these overlooked places, they start to breed bacteria, viruses, and other germs, making your house an unsanitary place.

However, if you have an idea of what places you’ve been overlooking, you can easily save the situations and start cleaning with more efficiency and effectiveness. So, here’s a list of all the places that remain out of your notice when cleaning.

Overlooked Places to Clean in Your House

The places most overlooked are those that you either don’t notice or don’t realize require cleaning. So, what exactly are these places? Let’s have a look!

Window Blinds

You are right there cleaning the windows, yet you leave out the window blinds. You either don’t remember that they need cleaning, or you just ignore them because of the trouble that comes while cleaning these blinds. The result is dust and dirt keep accumulating there, giving breeding space to germs and bacteria. 

It’s time you start clearing them of this dust. It’s not even that difficult after all. All you need to do is hold and swipe through them. To make things easier, you can grab a tong, tie cloth to both its ends, and use it to easily hold and wipe the blinds.

Ceiling Fans

Well, you do clean them, in months, of course, because who would take the trouble to get that stair, climb it, and then clean the fans, that too every few days. Well, that’s very similar to overlook them altogether.

Ceiling fans have a lot of dirt and dust on them, and as you turn them on, the dust reaches other surfaces of the room, only spreading germs and infections. So, you want to clean them at least once or twice a month to make sure that they’re super clean and free of germs and contaminants.

Air Vents and Ducts

Air ducts and vents collect the dirt and dust from the air surrounding you and filter it. However, as they do that, dirt gets accumulated in them, giving space to bacteria and viruses for breeding.

The fact is we never realize that, and they’re overlooked, resting peacefully with dust in their place, high on the ceilings and walls. But just because something stays at the top of your head and not in front of your eyes doesn’t mean that it needs no attention.

Cleaning the air ducts regularly is necessary to ensure that bacteria and viruses are not lurking in your homes and causing infections. All you need to do is vacuum the ducts thoroughly at regular intervals. Make sure to switch off the power while you’re at it.

Knobs, Handles, and Switches

The doorknobs, handles, and switches are such small things in our house, used so inattentively that it never occurs to us that they’d need cleaning. However, they do!

These are all high-touch surfaces, and many people touch them throughout the day. As such, germs rest on these surfaces. So, you not only need to clean them but disinfect them as well. You can use a clean cloth to wipe them and then use a sanitizer as an extra layer of cleaning precaution.


Baseboards are one of the most aesthetic yet most ignored elements in your house. They efficiently cover the joints between the floors and walls and give the place a more appealing look. However, while we mop the floors, baseboards remain overlooked.

However, they’re covered with as much dirt and dust as the floors, and it’s funny that they’re overlooked despite the dust being so visible on them.

Cleaning the baseboards will make so much difference to the cleanliness of your house. Also, cleaning them is easy. You just have to wipe them with a wet cloth.

Final Words

The cleanliness of your house is important, and it’s not feasible to let the places remain unclean only because they didn’t come to your notice.

From this article, you now have an idea of when, where, and what you’re going to overlook when cleaning. Hope this idea helps you remember not to overlook these places.

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Happy Cleaning!

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