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Is It Worth It To Clean Household Sponges?5 min read

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Due to the increasing risks of infection spread, cleanliness and hygiene have become more important than ever. As such, you need to keep up with the regular cleaning of surfaces and tabletops to ensure no risks of bacteria and viruses breeding.

However, what if your cleaning equipment itself are home to these bacteria and viruses? Well, that’s a huge possibility. While appliances like vacuum cleaners are safe, the sponges you use to clean the dishes and other surfaces are not particularly very safe after they’re put to continuous usage.

When you’re cleaning, the sponges get covered with dust and dirt. This leads to the development of molds and bacteria on them. So, while you use sponges for cleaning around, it’s equally essential to keep the sponges themselves clean.

However, is it really worth cleaning the sponges, or you must just replace them? As a matter of fact, both things are in the picture, and you need to know when to do what.

You use sponges regularly. So, if you think about replacing them after every use, you’re just going to burn a big hole in your pocket. Sponges have a shelf life, and it’s wise to replace them only after that period, which you can generally consider to be around 14-21days.

However meanwhile, you cannot leave them dirty, inviting all the bacteria, molds, and fungus to grow on them. So, cleaning is the way out.

Why Cleaning The Sponges Is Important?

In case you leave the sponges just like that after cleaning the surfaces and keep waiting to replace them after the shelf life, they’ll grow molds, and that’s going to be very unhygienic. In fact, research reveals that sponges could be the dirtiest things in your homes, with germs breeding in every inch. 

So, it’s essential to clean up the sponges to get rid of these germs. If you keep cleaning with dirty sponges, you’re only transferring the bacteria to other surfaces, ultimately failing the whole purpose of cleaning in the first place.

Now one argument is that cleaning the sponges doesn’t help either, and it’s really not worth it. However, replacing the sponges after every use is not feasible either. Moreover, the claims like cleaning the sponges would make situations worse are only misleading.

If you know the proper ways to clean the sponges, it’s worth every bit in the sense that you’re eliminating the germs and also preventing any foul odors from the sponges.

How to Clean Sponges?

Cleaning the sponges will be worth only when you’re cleaning them right. So, how do you do that? Well, there are several ways. Have a look at them.

Microwave the Sponge

Microwaving the sponges is the most popular way of cleaning sponges. It’s said that the heat kills 99% of the bacteria and germs on the sponge once it’s placed in the microwave.

However, another fact is that whatever bacteria remains, grows back very quickly. So, the point is in knowing how frequently you must microwave the sponges for cleaning. Well, once every day is a nice way to go.

Just put the damp sponge in the microwave and spin it in there for about a minute or two. You’ll be good with it for several hours. You can do this every night once all your work is done, so you’re set for the next day.

Using the Dishwasher

Spinning the microwave in a dishwasher along with the other dishes is also a good way to clean. However, you definitely don’t ever want to keep your sponges wet. So, it’s better to clean using the heated dry settings. The heat will work on effectively killing the germs, molds, and bacteria on the sponges, in addition to ensuring that they remain dry and free of foul odor.

Vinegar or Bleach

Vinegar and bleaches are natural disinfectants. So, soaking your sponges in them for about 5-10minutes will give a good exposure for killing the germs and bacteria breeding there. Once you’ve disinfected the sponges, you can wash them with normal water thoroughly and leave them to dry.

Other Considerations

While cleaning your sponges is imperative to prevent germ build-up and use the sponges for their real purpose of cleaning, some more considerations need to be made.

You need to understand that you can’t use a sponge to clean every kind of surface. Primarily, you must never attend to spillage with a sponge. It’s better to clean them with a dishcloth.

Another thing you must keep in mind is to replace the sponges when the time comes. Many people just keep using sponges for months until they wear out entirely into shreds. That’s a very wrong approach. You need to understand when the shelf life of the sponge has ended. As such, when the sponge starts to smell, it’s time to throw it away and put a new one to use.

Furthermore, you always want to make sure that your sponges are cleaned dry, as a wet sponge will only result in bacteria build-up. Also, make sure that you’re storing them in dry places free from even the slightest of dampness.

Final Words

Sponges are your go-to solution to clean around your homes and apartments. However, you must ensure cleaning them as well to have everything right.

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Lastly, use clean sponges and maintain more hygienic environments around yourself. You know it’s worth it!

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