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Contactless Residential Cleaning (Health And Safety Of Our Customers)4 min read

Untouchables. A word that was common to be heard of in a different era of this world’s history.

But just like fashion trends that seem to be making a comeback, this word though in a revamped version has indeed made a devastating resurgence. In today’s COVID-19 dominating world, the term with the change from ‘untouchables’ to ‘contactless’ has become common.

All sorts of public gatherings have to consider maintaining a ‘social distance’ to prevent the spreading of the Coronavirus and avoid shaking hands, hugging, or any other sort of ‘contact.’ 

Along with these, all customer-based facilities have also had to take up these new rules without any exceptions and anomalies. These freshly introduced rulings are to be followed to a tee.

How to Perform “Contactless Clean”?

Contactless Clean (health and safety of our customers) is a different method than the usual cleaning. It requires some measures to be added and subtracted from the equation.

The changes are mandatory in accordance with the COVID-19 rules issue from CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention). The common factor among the new addition is, of course, the fact of avoiding contact.

How can this be done, though? Without touching a surface, how can it be cleaned?

  • Using Gloves

The first measure is the use of ‘gloves.’ Even before you enter the area subjected to cleaning, you must wear the gloves best suited to bear the scrubbing and brushing you will perform with them.

Use and throw, or disposable gloves are the best type to avail oneself of. One set for each room can be used. 

These can be easily discarded as soon as you are done with the cleaning of that room. For the next, you can use a fresh set. 

Practicing this pattern will prevent the expansion of any microbes that are present from one room to the next.

  • Using Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a convenient equipment. With its long hose extensions, you can easily reach high surfaces and do a thorough cleaning of surface tops of wardrobes, refrigerators, car roofs, shelves, etc.

However, the enormous advantage is that if you are using the hoses instead of your hands to clean the surfaces mentioned above, you are cleaning those contactless, and thus the aim is fulfilled.

A setting called ‘Blower’ which simply blows the dust and dirt away, can also be used in a Vacum Cleaner since it also complies with the purpose of contactless cleaning. Two settings in one appliance is an excellent bargain.

  • Using Water Sources

Using a garden hose, taps, high-pressure pipes, or any other such means of water is a great way to tackle the issue of ‘contactless cleaning.’ You will not have to touch those surfaces, and instead, use water as the medium of contact.

High-pressure water subjection removes stubborn dirt and mud marks. Also, any threads or depressions are meticulously cleaned.

  • Using Sprays

Detergents, washing powders, soaps, etc., all require hand rubbing, brushing, scrubbing that goes against the rule of ‘contactless cleaning.’ So, the best and most efficient alternative is using Sprays.

Instant evaporation and no residue left behind, no need of drying or another coat; such merits of using a spray-based application of cleansing agents leave no need for using hands. It is self-cleaning and self-drying.

AmeriStar Maids

Since the introduction of the term ‘Contactless clean,’ AmeriStar Maids have reorganized their techniques and methods to clean and have added new practices and routines to abide by the goal. 

They have even gone to more extraordinary lengths by retraining their huge-experienced Maids so that they do not miss the tiniest of details regarding the target or cross the line unintentionally.

To apply yourself as a potential customer in need of their services, do the below –


In view of the changing circumstances in this world, it is essential for one to move with the flow and not be rigid. If even one of you declines to adjust and accommodate the new demands, along with you, others will be affected too.

Keeping in mind these developments, AmeriStar Maids introduced – “contactless clean (health and safety of our customers). This is a comprehensive program specifically for the COVID-19 cleaning hassles.

Therefore, AmeriStar Maids can handle both cleaning and prevention with equal attention without tipping the balance.

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