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Why Are Bonding And Insurance Important When Hiring A Residential Maid Service4 min read

Hearing the fancy, or rather complex, words ‘Insurance’ and ‘Bonding’ will make you wonder what these have to do with ‘Cleaning’. First, however, you must know why these are related.

A business or Firm of any type requires a legal team that handles all things law. Similarly, though a small establishment, cleaning services also need a policy monitor of their own. They are responsible for any kind of constitutional matter that arrives and needs attention. Further, they also provide the precise solution to such problems.

Hence, the reasons mentioned above are a few answers to why bonding and insurance are necessary.

What Do Insurance and Bonding Mean When Referring to a Residential Cleaning Company?

Insurance definitively means a company; here, the cleaning service undertakes to pay any loss of money to the customer; here, the Employee/Clientele.

Bonding is any form of agreement signed between two groups on a set of conditions.

Insurance and Bonding in cleaning services relate to compensating the employee or the clientele in some unforeseen circumstances where the latter suffers damage, and the former pays for it.

A variety of Insurance and Bonding types exist, depending upon the associated parties. Therefore, the factors included in these treaties vary based on the type of service involved and the amount of money turnover. 

For example, a small enterprise will have basic conditions and minimal insurance funds. In contrast, a large multinational company will have an elaborate draft of laws set and equally large reimbursement.

AmeriStar Maids do not take any risks with legal situations. On the contrary, they have strict rules and regulations to avoid conflict with either their employees or good-hearted customers. 

Why Are Insurance and Bonding Important when choosing a Maid Company?

Cleaning services include specific hard jobs too. For example, picking and moving heavy objects, reaching out to higher platforms to perform deep cleaning, and kitchen clean-up risk catching fire. All these are examples of potential hazards that are part of the job.

If any such incidents do come about, what are the consequences and procedures that follow and need to be followed? This is of concern because an employee’s means to livelihood is at cost here. For example, on injury due to cleaning, how will the employee pay for the sky-high medical bills or put food on the table for his family while they are in the hospital.

Another scenario is in the case of theft. Bonding of clientele and the employees gives them access to the house/workplace. This 24/7 entrance and exit increase the risk of theft. Even though the company hiring the employees does a background check, there may be slight chances of the employees being involved in such shady activities.

For precisely such situations, insurance and bonding are essential.

How Does Insurance and Bonding Work?

Employers and Employees in Cleaning Services work closely. The relationship is very sensitive. If either side is facing an issue, the other immediately gets involved and affected. 

Another aspect of this is that the Employer and Employee act as one faction when a client is introduced into the equation. This trifecta works in two ways which have been elaborated below.

The Employer and Employee Dynamic

The employer compensates for any damages caused to the employee. 

For example, while working, the employee suffers a fall on the stairs due to soapy water, the employer pays all the medical bills and tests. They even provide a paid leave for the injured. In addition, the employer supports the employee in all ways possible per their company policies.

The Employer and Client Dynamic

In this situation, the employer and employee are a combined group on the opposite side of the client.

For example, If the client claims theft or any missing item from the service appointed, either home or work, they are refunded fully of their cost without a no questions asked policy. Unless the accusations are proven false, compensation is guaranteed to the clientele.

AmeriStar Maids take their reputation very seriously. They avoid any types of false allegations directed towards them by maintaining a clean record with first-class services and complying with their customers’ demands to the best of their abilities.

AmeriStar Maids

The top of the class cleaning services of AmeriStar Maids is very particular about what, when and how they offer services. They consider all good and bad scenarios when engaging with clients and their employees, covering all possible situations in their custom draft.


The above points should solve your query of why are bonding and insurance important by now. 

Underestimating the need and want of bonding and insurance will prove detrimental to you only. The damages incurred by not following legal protocol will have to be paid by you, and no backup is present.

With AmeriStar Maids, you will surely not have to worry about this. They guarantee the best.

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