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Pets are the light of our lives. Next to humans, they are our pillows of emotional comfort. They listen to our rants and frustrations, our practice speeches, and our late-night talks. They are truly our buddies. They are with us through thick and thin. They don’t judge and are with you in any choice/decision to take. They give care and deserve care too.

While cleaning your house is essential, what to do with your pets then? You cannot just let them run around with their dirty feet all over the place and hair shedding on every piece of furniture. You will have to find a way to keep them away and clean the home in peace. So what to do with pets while the house is being cleaned?

What are the Things You Can Do To/With Your Pets While the House is Being Cleaned?

Here are some of the most implemented suggestions you can opt for. Choose the one that suits you the best without going out of the way and is hustle-free.

Indoor Options

Indoor options should be looked into first, as they are safer and do not require much packing and moving.

  • Take them to another place with pets

The first and best option you should look into is taking them to a place where there are pets already or to someone’s house, which is familiar to your pets. It can be a family member like your parents or siblings or grandparents, a roommate, a colleague, or a friend—someone who has already met your pets at least once before and has a good rapport with them.

  • Shift them to an already Cleaned, Unused, and Separate Room

If you cannot take them with you to work (or anywhere else you are going) or take them to a familiar place, as suggested above, the last option left is to put them in a clean, unused, separate room from the main house.

This way, they won’t interrupt the cleaning process and are safe tucked into a house corner. 

Outdoor Options

If both the above options are impossible, then there are a few outdoor options available.

  • Take them to a Vet 

While your house is being taken care of, your Pets need the same too. It is the perfect opportunity to get over the long-pending appointment of your Pets to the Vet.

Vaccines and regular health checkups and follow-ups are important to give your pets a healthy lifestyle and a prolonged life span. Use the house cleaning break to your advantage and take them to the Vet pronto.

  • Take them to a Pet Groom and Spa Studio

As much as humans love pampering, animals love them too. Love and care are all that they desire, and it is their right too—giving your pets a relaxing time that rejuvenates them and gives them a refreshing feel and look.

Numerous options are available in a Pet Groom and Spa Studio. You can give your Pets a basic bath, or a bubble bath, a haircut, a trim to their nails, shampooing their hair for a shiny and lustrous look, and so much more. The options are endless.

  • Take them Outside

A trip to the park will do them good. Fresh air and a different environment is essential for their growth and development. Encountering new people, new animals, and new surroundings, adds to their experience of learning things. New habits are made, and new likes are gained—all in all, it’s a positive adventure.

Meeting other people’s pets and interacting with them is good for their sensory development. There is a serene beauty to seeing new friendships formed, and you can be a proud mama or dad to your pets’ flourishing.

AmeriStar Maids

If any of the suggestions mentioned above do not fit you or make your Pets uncomfortable, then AmeriStar Maids has got you and your Pets. Not to worry!

  • Familiarise the Cleaning Service with your Pets

Pets have heightened senses. They are always alert and wary of their surroundings. They immediately notice anything new and out of place. And new humans are uncharted territory to them. Therefore, familiarising them with the cleaning crew is the best way to go forward.

AmeriStar Maids are your pets’ best friends. They understand the care a pet needs and deliver them to utmost perfection. They are capable of taking good care of the pets. All you need to do is leave a detailed and structured instructions leaflet. 

Why is it Necessary to Keep the Pets Away While The House is Being Cleaned? 

Cleaning your house is a complex process. A lot of things require care. A lot of packing, shifting, and moving is involved. This may put your Pets in danger of unwanted incidents and injuries. To avoid any mishaps, it is safe for your Pets to be kept away from the cleaning area.

Also, a sudden change in the house or the influx of new people may make your Pets anxious and paranoid. They may act out of their usual behavior. This may not work in your favor or the cleaning crew. Therefore, it is best if you put your pets in a familiar and known environment. 


One new factor added to the cleaning equation is that the cleaning session will take more time than usual. The reason being that pets are inhabitants of it. Extra services to remove their lint, clean their shed hair and muddy paw prints are to be carried out if a house has pets, and so the extension of the session is justified.

AmeriStar Maids are trained and qualified on how to clean houses that have pets. So, to get in contact with them immediately and start the clean-up, you can select any of the following options – 

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