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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling4 min read

A change in time and space is necessary. It gives perspective to your life and creates a ripple in your monotonous routine. Travelling is one of the many options for a multi-sensory heightening experience.

A potential setback in traveling is the fear of falling ill due to numerous reasons like temperature sensitivity, disturbed sleep-wake cycle, or an upset stomach. The skepticism is indeed valid to worry about. 

However, some measures that can help you minimize the consequences of traveling, or overcome in the least, are mentioned below. They have been divided into – COVID-19 Measures and General Measures. The general measures are also to be incorporated with COVID-19 measures.

COVID – 19 Measures

Pocket Sanitizer

The new normal of today does not ask of this; instead, it demands/orders the use of a pocket sanitizer regularly, after every sneeze, cough, wheeze, or touch of an unknown surface. It is a must-have in your travel back-up, and leaving without it is like leaving without your mobile phone. Impossible right? Exactly. 

You are not only responsible for your wellbeing, but for every single interaction, you have with the people you are going to meet. So beware of that and do your part in stopping the spread of this virus.


Another must-have of current times. It is easier to wear an ordinary mask than the one with an oxygen cylinder. Remember that.

Maintaining social distancing even though you have a mask on is essential. Wearing a mask does not give you the freedom of not maintaining the prescribed distance. Please keep that in mind.


Getting vaccinated as soon as possible, but please follow a proper order and not be selfish. Each life as significant is yours. As you are dear to someone, they too are dear to someone. Do not forget that.

Even after taking your vaccination, still follow the precautions just to be on the safe side. The vaccines are still in their trial phase, and there is no hundred percent guarantee of them working. Be wary.

General Measures


Water. The elixir of life. When it comes to traveling, we often tend to forget to drink water at regular intervals of time, and this neglect may cost you dearly. Setting alarms may help you in avoiding dehydrating-induced fatigue and nausea.

Also, hydration plays a vital role in proper food digestion. Solid without the liquid constitutes the reason for constipation or acidity. Copious amounts of water are the key to enjoying your traveling adventure without the constant worry of falling ill.


Rest. Your body is indeed extraordinary, but it does require a break from the many activities of your day. A day in our routine is so hectic that an 8-hour sleep period is imperative, and when there is a change in scenario, sleep becomes all the more critical.

Traveling does take an added toll on your body, and so, proper sleep is a requisite if you want to enjoy the entire trip and not just the first day, with the following days ending up being too tired and lethargic.

Eat Healthy

Food. Junk food, to be specific, looks and sounds very appealing to your eyes and tongue, but it is not the best of options every time. Of course, tasting local food and experimenting is the main motive of traveling, but it must be done in a limited manner and should not overboard.

Packing homemade food that can be preserved for long periods is the go-to way to balance a comprehensive traveling event and a stable tummy.


Public transport, be it trains, buses, or airplanes, all are hotspots of microbes and are the fastest means of spread in infections and diseases. Therefore, extra alertness and measures should be adopted while commuting in any of these means of transportation.


Selecting clean and hygienic hotels is of primary importance when traveling. It is even better if you already work out the selection before starting your journey rather than booking on the spot so that you may not end up with any disappointing surprises in your accommodation.

Hotels do have a fully trained staff for maintaining top-class hygiene, but this may not be the case in some rare cases. So, better be safe than sorry. Pick your hotel before your arrival and be stress-free while enjoying each moment.

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Thorough research of the route and the destination earlier to your departure saves you a lot of hassle, time, money, energy, and resources in any unforeseen circumstances that may arrive.

Traveling has become a possibility only for the privileged. Those who are getting a chance to do so must be thankful, make the most of it, and be responsible to their community.

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