Why Dusting Your Home is Good For Your Health4 min read

Unless you live in a bubble, dust is inevitable. However, dust bunnies in corners and filmy layers of grit on your furniture surfaces is probably not the interior decorating look you’re going for. Additionally, if you or someone you live with suffers from allergies, dust and dust mites can be downright bad for your health.

Why is Dusting Important for Health?

Don’t you feel very annoyed when you go to your relative’s place as a guest and find their living room messy and full of dust? Don’t you get angry when you arrive at your house after a long struggling day and all you find is a dusty couch and floor, dirty kitchen sink, and messy bed with untidy bed sheets?

All these things make us very uncomfortable, but we can get rid of it by dusting our house and changing some of our daily habits.

Basically, dusting removes all the dust from your furniture, electric appliances, floor, ceiling, doors, windows, and every corner of your house. Dusting does not only keep your house clean, but also it gives a very fresh ambience to your house. It helps you and your loved ones to live a healthy disease free life. Also, it gives a change in your personality, and makes you look a better person with all the good habits that you have developed in the course of dusting.

5 Handy Home Dusting Tips

With no delay, you can start dusting today as a step towards a healthy life. There is no particular time to do dusting, but mornings are the best. Whether you do it by yourself or you hire someone, you always have to get this job done because it is a need.

Here are some points made based on how to do dusting-

  1. First of all, remove all the handy items, and put them in a convenient place so that you can complete the task of dusting with less disturbance.
  2. You can buy a dusting brush or can use a homemade old dusting cloth. Be sure to use the right quality of dusting material.
  3. Always start with the ceiling corners and furniture. Make sure every spider web on your ceiling corners and every layer of dust from your furniture should go away.
  4. Make sure to wipe away dust from every item present there like your table lamp, decorative stuff, paintings, and other items.
  5. Check properly if there is any important place left to be wiped or clean.

Advantages of Dusting Your Home

  1. It helps you get rid of the most common disease like cold, cough, fever, etc., as it helps to remove the germs and bacteria that causes it.
  2. If you have OCD, it will definitely fulfil your requirements and keep you satisfied.
  3. For asthma patients, dusting is important. If it’s not done properly, then it can cause them suffocation and coughing.
  4. Runny nose, sneezing, throat infections, rashes, breathing problems, etc. can be caused by Allergens and hence, dusting can help remove them from your house.
  5. A clean kitchen is necessary as the kitchen is the second most place where germs reside. An untidy kitchen will definitely allow the germs to enter in your body via food. So, keep the kitchen clean.

Disadvantages of Dusting Your Home

The only disadvantage of dusting could be that someone with allergies or asthma should not do this as it may cause irritation, coughing, or any serious problem. Such a person should always ask for help while doing such a task. 

About AmeriStar Maids

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Why Choose AmeriStar Maids?

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