How Often Should I Have My House Cleaned?4 min read

One question clients often ask us is, \”How often should I get my house cleaned?\” The simple answer to this question; depends on several factors revolving around your life. Every family has their own lifestyle and way of doing things, so it is obvious that their house gets dirty in different ways and needs different periodic cleaning. 

But this doesn’t mean a schedule can’t be chalked out. If you are going to hire a professional cleaning service, it is always better to have a basic plan for the number of times you would want to have your house cleaned. We will help you to determine how often you should get your house cleaned.

As hard as it can seem to define a fixed cycle for cleaning, once you do, it is the best way to take care of your house! Deciding whether a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning service is fit for your house can be tricky. That is why AmeriStar offers a plethora of customisable options at attractive prices, so it is easier for your family to fix a schedule. 

The best way to keep your home spic and span is to get it cleaned at least once a week. You can choose a day that is suitable for you; it could be a weekday, a Sunday, or any day as long as it goes with your workflow. But not every family can be satisfied with such frequency, they could need a different plan than just a weekly cleaning cycle. 

This is where our bi-weekly and monthly cleaning cycles help. We classify this as a recurring clean, and it is the best way to maintain a high standard of cleanliness. The bi-weekly cleaning service works like a charm for large families or families who have kids and/or pets, all of which have the potential to generate more filth in less time! 

After this, you will only be left with minor cleaning to be done every day, like wiping the kitchen countertops, organising/changing the bed linen, sanitising the sinks, etc. You must change and wash your bed linen and towels every once a week to ensure they stay bacteria-free. Tackling these minor cleaning tasks is much less of a pain if you have help for the bigger projects. 

But then when should you opt for a monthly cleaning service? There could be many reasons for you to do that. For instance, if you live alone and prefer to keep the home tidy after a professional cleaning service every once in a while, the monthly option is best for you. You will just have to maintain that cleanliness for the weeks in between, and that is much less of a worry, given a thorough job has been done already. 

What Is Your Standard of Cleanliness? 

Another factor that plays an important role in determining your professional cleaning cycle is the standard of cleanliness you want your house to have. You might find this question confusing, so we suggest you pick the lowest frequency cycle first—monthly cleaning. This way, if you find yourself aching at the state of the house and are waiting for the AmeriStar Maids to arrive in the between weeks, you know this isn\’t right. 

Speak to your AmeriStar Maid and get your cycle changed to a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning service instead. This is another advantage that AmeriStar offers; you get one maid, the same maid, every time. This way, you wouldn’t have to explain each time to a new crew what your preferences are. These timely cleaning services help you maintain your house without having to take time out from other things you like to do. 

There are times when your house needs a massive cleaning operation, and it is in dire need of professional assistance to get all the nooks and crannies. Our simple solution to this problem is the Top-to-Bottom Deluxe Cleaning. This is usually the first cleaning service customers opt for before fixing a recurring service. This cleaning service includes deep cleaning of the house and particularly the items prone to dust buildup. 

Flexible & Affordable Cleaning Cycles With AmeriStar 

Hygiene and sanitation are important, now more than ever. The world is reeling through a pandemic which has a lot to do with proper sanitation. But with remote working being the new norm, it is hard to balance work, family, cooking, cleaning, and the other hundred things a household needs to get done! This is when a professional cleaning service comes to the rescue. 

We help you determine your perfect cleaning cycle, but AmeriStar is very flexible in case you wish to make changes to it midway. This means you have a meticulous and affordable cleaning cycle made to order! So whenever you need the much needed \”me time\”, call us to avail the best professional cleaning services. We at AmeriStar, settle for nothing less.  

To request a free in-home estimate for professional house cleaning services near you, please contact AmeriStar Maids at (570) 310-1057

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