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How to Clean Up Your Home After The Holidays4 min read

The holiday season is everyone’s favorite time of the year. You get to spend time with your friends, family, and close ones, exchange gifts, and there are a lot of merriments, of course.

However, the holiday season ends as soon as it comes. And once you are out of the festive mood, reality kicks in. Isn’t it?

You see all the decorations at your home, the gifts lying around, and if you have been a host to a party, then it’s quite possible that your home appears to be a nightmare to you. This is when you realize that there’s a lot of cleaning to do around the house. But where do you start?

Well, here are some tips to help you out with your after holiday cleaning.

Tips to Clean Up After Holidays

It can be a real challenge to clean up and tidy your house after the holidays, especially when you host a holiday get-together or party. The house is such a mess that you can hardly figure out where to start.

However, if you have a plan of action, you can ease out the task, at least to some extent. The tips hereinbelow will help you create this plan of action so that after the holiday cleaning is not something that you would dread to perform.

Sort Out the Gifts At First

Holidays mean gifts and that too a lot of them. Now, all these gifts are the additional things in your house, and you need to make space for them. However, the more gifts you keep, the more clutter in your home.

Of course, gifts have sentiments and feelings, but keeping something you won’t ever use will hardly make any sense. So, the first thing you must do when cleaning up your house after the holidays is to sort out the gifts.

You can return the gifts that seem of no use to you, or you can donate them to charity. Whatever you shall do, you’ll know it will be a relief as one big clutter will all be sorted, and then you can move on to the next set of tasks for cleaning.

It’s Time to Take Down the Decorations

Yes, you put in a lot of effort in decorating your house. However, how long are you going to keep that Christmas tree in your home with all the decorations, or how long will those lights stay up?

The sooner you take down the decorations and put them back in their place, the better. However, don’t just take everything down and toss it in a box to stash in your storeroom when doing this. It will turn out to be a huge mess that you will end up sorting the next holidays.

A better idea to take care of your decorations is to take them down, see what you want to keep and what you want to throw away, and pack everything in an organized manner.

End to End Cleaning of the House

Once you are done with your gifts and decorations, you need to take care of vacuuming and other cleaning activities inside the house.

You want to make sure that the dishes are clean, the carpets are free of dust, dirt, stains, or any leftovers from the decorations and other party things, and the sheets on your bed are fresh.

So, you need to get into the kitchen, pack up the leftovers, and clean the dishes. The vacuuming of the entire house is important too so that everything is slick and span and there is no trace of dirt or dust in your house. You must also wash your sheets and blankets, especially those in your guest bedrooms.

Disinfecting your entire home will also be a good idea to ensure that you are not exposed to any infections in the house. 

You Can Get Help From AmeriStar Maids

Now, while the tips are useful, the cleaning work can really get a lot. The kitchen, guest room, living room, bathroom, everything requires cleaning and disinfection. So, it’s natural that you may need help.

If you are inclined towards getting the same, you can book cleaning services with AmeriStar Maids in the following ways-

They have an expert team of experienced professionals who shall be happy to clean your house for you and make sure that it looks as pleasant as ever.

Final Words

Holidays are indeed a great time for festivities and merriment. However, when you happen to have parties during holidays, you are due for an after-holiday cleaning. Now, this can be challenging, but we hope that our tips shall help you around.

Additionally, if you need extra help, you can book cleaning services with AmeriStar Maids.

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