The 5 Most Overlooked Places To Clean In Your House

The 5 Most Overlooked Places to Clean in Your House4 min read

Cleanliness and hygiene are utterly important for any person. A clean and hygienic environment not only makes your place look pleasant and beautiful, but it also helps keep the risk of harmful diseases and infections away, and you are able to lead a healthier life.

However, are you cleaning your place as efficiently as you think? While you may be cleaning well on the face of it, there are many places in your house that unintentionally get ignored and never find a place in your cleaning schedule. Well, these places may give an opportunity for bacteria, viruses, germs, and other pathogens to lurk around in your house.

So, it’s necessary to know the places you are ignoring you that you can begin paying attention and clean them as well. So, what are these places? Well, let us acquaint you with five of the most overlooked places to clean in your house. Of course, the list is longer than that, but going through with five shall be a good start. Let’s move on to the list without any further ado.

The 5 Most Overlooked Places to Clean in Your House

From the cozy and deep corners in your homes to the higher ceilings and fans, there are many places that you may overlook in your house and not clean them. Here, we are presenting you with the five most overlooked places to clean in your house so that they may start getting attention and your house becomes cleaner and more hygienic than ever.


No one likes doing dishes, and a dishwasher comes as a convenient option to save yourself from the task as it would do the entire job for you, and your dishes will be clean, ready to be served in again without you putting much effort. However, while your dishwasher cleans your dishes, the oil and leftovers remain in the washer, and they turn to grime over time. The dishwasher shall not clean itself up of this grime and dirt. That’s something you ought to do from time to time.

So, in addition to putting your dishes for cleaning in your dishwasher, be sure to take a day out in the week to clean the dishwasher itself.


Lampshades create a very cozy and warm environment in your house. However, it never occurs to you that you must clean them. But truth be told, lampshades are a breeding ground for dirt and dust. The light attracts a lot of dirt to itself, and then it sticks on the lampshades. You can make out the presence of this dirt and dust on the lampshades by feeling the drop in the quality, brightness, and warmness of the light they emit. 

So, every time you feel something is awry with your lampshades, it might just need some cleaning. So, add lampshades to the list of your regular cleaning and dusting so that they are never overlooked again in the future.

Door Knobs and Handles

It hardly ever occurs to us to clean the doorknobs and handles in our houses. However, these are high-touch surfaces, and many people touch them throughout the day. With that, many germs, bacteria, viruses, and pathogens could be breeding on these surfaces. So, if you do not clean them, you are only inviting diseases and infections into your house.

So, it’s time you stop overlooking the doorknobs and handles in your house and start cleaning them. All it requires is a simple wipe.

Light Switches

Just like doorknobs and handles, we also tend to ignore cleaning the light switches and other electrical fittings in our house. However, these also collect bacteria and viruses over time, and while they may not look dirty to you, they require cleaning. You just need to spray them with a disinfecting solution, and that’s it. It doesn’t take any of your time at all, and there’s no reason for you to overlook them for cleaning.


Having a fireplace in your house is a great luxury, and it feels really comfortable and cozy. However, as you light up your fireplace, it tends to get full with ashes and leftovers of wood, etc. So, you need to make sure that you clean it of all this debris.

In fact, even when you are not using your fireplace, it tends to collect dust and dirt. So, even when not in use, you must not overlook it and make it a point to clean it at regular intervals.

Final Words

So, these are the five most overlooked places to clean in your house. There is obviously more to the list, but you can give the process of more efficient cleaning a headstart by paying attention to these five places.

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Happy Cleaning!

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