How to Remove Calcium Water Build-Up From Faucets and Showers

How to Remove Calcium Water Build-Up From Faucets/Showers5 min read

Do you notice white or yellow nasty deposits around your faucets and showerheads? Well, this is bound to happen, especially if the water running through taps and showers is hard water, that is, water having an excessive amount of calcium, iron, or other minerals.

These deposits are called limescale and while it doesn’t do any major harm to the faucets and showers, it looks disgusting. Moreover, while not a major harm, it does make the water flow slow down and that can be irritating too as if your bucket would require an entire day to get full.

So, it’s quite essential that you get rid of such buildups by cleaning out your faucets and showers at regular intervals.

The question is how will you remove the calcium water buildup from faucets and showers? It’s not like a regular cleaning activity is going to work on them. You need to have some other cleaning equipment and solutions so that you can entirely get rid of the water buildup.

Well, this article will explain in detail everything that you need to know about removing limescale from your faucets and showers. Let’s get started.

Steps to Remove Calcium Water Buildup from Faucets and Showers

It’s not very difficult or challenging to remove calcium water buildup from your faucets and showers. Just the right ingredients and equipment and knowledge of the right steps to follow for cleaning would do the work for you.

Let us explain everything in detail.

1. Select the Cleaning Agent and Collect All Essentials

The first thing to do when trying to clean up your faucets and showerhead is to find the right cleaning agent. You can choose from different cleaning agents like White Vinegar, Lime Juice, different acids or chemicals, or store-bought cleaners.

In addition to choosing the right cleaning agent, collect all other essentials as well such as gloves, rubberbands, protective eyewear, sponge, plastic bag, paper towels, and pliers.

Once you’re ready with all this equipment, head straight to the showers and faucets to begin cleaning.

2. Soaking the Faucets and Showers

Pull on your gloves so that your hands are protected during the entire process. If you’re going to use chemicals or store-bought cleaners, put on eyewear too to protect your eyes from fumes.

Take up the paper towels and soak them in your cleaning agent. Vinegar will be best for use here. You can simply soak the paper towels in vinegar and then put those towels around your faucets and showers.

Place the paper towels strategically so that they fully cover the faucet or shower. Leave the faucets and showers with these paper towels. Be sure to secure the paper towels in place with the rubber bands as you need to leave those towels there for at least an hour.

3. Wiping Off the Faucets or Showers

After an hour or so, remove the paper towels and wipe the faucets and showers clean with a sponge. You’ll find your faucets and showers looking bright and shiny as new.

Make sure that you dry up the faucets and showers so that there’s no moisture remaining on them.

4. Disassemble and Clean the Interiors

You have cleaned the surface of the faucets and showers but that’s only the exterior part. Calcium buildup occurs in the interior of the showers too which makes it essential to clean the aerators.

For this, disassemble the faucet or shower with pliers. Take a plastic bag and fill it with vinegar or another cleaning agent that you’re using. Secure this plastic bag on the disassembled faucet and shower such that they are soaked deep in the solution and reaches the aerators of the showers and faucets.

Leave it like that for an hour or two. After that, put away the plastic bag, wipe and clean the shower or faucet from the inside and reassemble the fixtures.

That’s all! You will no longer have to bear the disgusting sight of calcium buildup in your washroom.

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Final Words

Calcium buildup is very common on faucets and showers. They are exposed to water all the time and if the water is hard it will leave its trace over time. However, regular cleaning of the faucet and shower and a deep cleaning every once in a while will help you keep the limescale and calcium buildup at bay and your faucets and showers will keep shining like before.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps explained in the article or better yet hire professional services from AmeriStar Maids.

It’s that simple! We hope the article is helpful to you and you’ll no longer find it confusing or difficult to eliminate the nasty stains that steal the gorgeous look of your faucets and showers.

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