Make a Bed Quick and Easy

Make a Bed Quick and Easy4 min read

What is the most important thing you want in your bedroom? Well, for most people the answer would be a clean, cozy, and comfortable bed.

Proper bedding is indeed a priority for many people as it strongly affects their mood and can keep them happier and more energized. Proper bedding also sets the entire look and appeal of your bedroom and you surely want to keep your room’s appearance neat and pleasant.

So, making your bed well has its own merits. However, one big demerit is that it’s a daunting task and you can get easily overwhelmed by the prospect of making your bed.

There’s nothing to worry about because some easy steps will lead you to make your bed perfectly well in record time. Let’s see how.

Steps to Make A Clean and Cosy Bed In Record Time

Making your bed seems like a daunting task but it really is not, especially when you know the correct procedure to make your bed.

A step-by-step procedure is explained to make your bed in no time at all.

1. Clean Up Everything First

Let’s face it – if you’re faced with the need to make your bed, chances are that it’s very messy. So, the process starts with cleaning up the bed. This is the time that all those clothes piled up on your bed go into the laundry baskets, the utensils in and around the bed go into the dishwasher, the pillows go on the table tops, temporarily, of course, and you strip down the already laid sheets and comforters on the bed until only the fitted sheets are visible.

2. Spread and Tuck In

Once you’ve got the bed with the fitted sheets tucked in well on the mattress, it’s time to spread your flat sheet on the bed. Make sure to spread it with all the corners hanging from the edges of the bed in an even pattern so that it looks pleasant and is easier for you to tuck in. you also want to make sure that you’ve placed any pattern on your flat sheet inside out so that when you fold over the sheet for tucking it in, the pattern is visible on the top.

Once you’ve spread the sheet, it’s time to tuck it in. Now, how you do that is a personal choice. If you like nice place edges on your bed, you’d want to tuck in the edges. You simply go from corner to corner and roll over the edges neatly under the mattress. In case you’re inclined to have untucked corners, you can simply leave the sheet hanging from the corners while ensuring that not too much or too little of the sheet is tucked out.

Once you’re done with the sheets, it’s time to spread and tuck in your duvets, comforter, or blankets as well in the same manner on the bed. Once you have spread and tucked in the duvets, comforters, or blankets, make it a point to fold them back quite a bit while removing all the wrinkles on them so that the sheet beneath the blankets is visible and you’re more comfortable tucking yourself in the bed.

3. Place the Pillows

This is the final step. Simply place the pillows on the bed in their place to complete the look of the bedding. 

That’s all, you’re done making your bed. Now, that was not too difficult, was it?

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Final Words

Making your bed is a task that you want to put off as much as you can. However, it’s a task that influences the entire look and appeal of your bedroom. So, it’s essential that you make your bed well to have the most comfortable and coziest spot to relax.

While making it yourself is easy, you can get help from a residential cleaning service too. Whatever you choose, remember, it’s for your comfort and convenience that you are making your bed.

We hope this article gave you the necessary insights on making your bed quick and easy and that you’ll apply the steps to give a cozy and pleasant look to your room.

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