How To Remove Pet Hair: 5 Amazing Hacks

How To Remove Pet Hair Around Your House: 5 Amazing Hacks4 min read

It’s the spring season, and if you’re a pet parent, you know that difficult times with your pet are just around the corner. As much as you love your pet and it’s a part of your family, you know it’s not easy taking care of them, especially during the springtime, when they shed a lot more hair than usual.

You could see hair all-around your home, on the couch, floor, carpets, bedding, etc., and cleaning them up can be highly stressful, hectic, and time-consuming. It makes you wonder if there were easier ways to remove pet hair in your home. Well, luckily enough, there are numerous hacks that you can try.

Let us help you with five of the most amazing and useful hacks to easily and quickly clean pet hair.

How To Remove Pet Hair From Furniture, Floors & More

If you’ve been troubled enough by the pet hair in your home and are desperate to find an easy way to remove them, you’re in the right place. Hereinbelow, we have got not just one but five amazing hacks that you can try to remove pet hair quickly and easily.

So, let’s get to them without any further ado!

Use A Lint Roller To Remove Unwanted Pet Hair

Well, let’s start with something you probably know in advance. You can use a lint roller to easily pick up and remove pet hair from different surfaces in your home. However, the problem with using a lint roller is that they turn out to be pretty expensive as you need to keep changing the sheets on them.

Well, here’s a hack to make using lint rollers for pet hair removal quite a budget-friendly option – instead of using replacement sheets, rollover a duct tape with the sticky side up on the lint roller. It will work just fine.

In fact, duct tapes are used as a hack for removing pet hair, and it’s easy to make the dog hair stick to the tape, and then you can discard the tape. In fact, you can simply roll the duct tape on your hand and move it over the surfaces to remove the pet hair. It will even save you the cost of buying a lint roller.

Rubber Blade Broom/ Squilgee

You might be using a squilgee in your showers and washrooms to wipe the water off the floor. Well, it can also be used to remove pet hair. The rubber blade surface of the broom will ensure that the pet hair sticks to it, and it becomes easier for you to get rid of them.

However, since it has a rubber blade, you can use it only on hard surfaces and floors and not the other furniture and carpets in your home.

Rubber Gloves

Just like the rubber in a squilgee makes it possible for the hair to stick to the broom, the same can be done with a rubber glove too. Moreover, this hack will be more favorable because every household has rubber gloves lying around their home.

All you have to do is wear rubber gloves and move your hands over the couch and other furniture. The static tension created between the gloves and pet hair will pick up the hair, and then you can just wash the gloves or discard them if they are disposable.


You can also use your kitchen sponge to clean and remove pet hair on your couch and furniture. Move the sponge on your couch and furniture. Let it settle for a bit so that it can pick up the pet hair. Once the sponge picks up the pet hair, you can go ahead and wash the sponge. It’s easy and reusable.

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets work really well in removing the pet hair from any surface. You can simply put the dryer sheet on your couch and furniture, and all the pet hair will cling to it. Then you can wash the sheets in the washing machine.

Moreover, even putting your clothes with all the pet hair on them in a dryer can be a good technique to remove pet hair. Just let the clothes rest in the dryer for a little while and wash them later.

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Final Words

It can be difficult cleaning after your pets, especially when they are shedding too much hair. However, there are always some hacks you can try. We hope that you find these hacks helpful. For more help, you can always rely on AmeriStar Maids!

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