Following through on your New Year’s Home Cleaning Resolution

Following through on your New Year’s Cleaning Resolution4 min read

We are more than a month into the new year. The January excitement has started to fade, and we are moving back into the realities of life, realizing that a changed year doesn’t necessarily mean a changed life. However, is it really that difficult to make some small and necessary changes in your life, especially when you resolve for them?

We all make resolutions for the new year. However, we are hardly able to stick to them even throughout the month of January. Why is that? Well, it’s mostly because we lack a plan of action to follow through on those resolutions.

Can you relate to that? Do you feel that you could not keep up and follow through with your New Year’s Resolution only because while you had the determination, you didn’t have a course of action to follow?

Well, we can understand the situation, and for the same reason, we have dedicated this article to help you out in following through on your New Year’s Cleaning Resolution!

Why just cleaning resolution? Well, because we could find many people resolving year after year to keep their home tidier and cleaner but always failing to keep up to it. With this blog, that wouldn’t happen to you anymore.

If you have made a New Year’s Cleaning Resolution and you’re finding it difficult to follow through on it, this plan of action will make things easier for you. They are necessary tips to help you keep up with the new year’s resolution you made. So, let’s get to them without any further discussions!

How to Keep Up With Your New Year’s Cleaning Resolution?

It really doesn’t take much to keep your home neat, clean, and tidy, especially when you know the right ways to do it. Let us help you with a few tips here so that you can have the perfect plan to follow through on your new year’s cleaning resolution.

Don’t Pile Up on Cleaning, Do the Chores Daily

One of the biggest mistakes we make when it comes to cleaning is we keep delaying the chores, and they pile up. A better option would be to divide your time in such a way that you could finish up the chores on time regularly.

Put up the regular cleaning activities such as dusting, mopping, cleaning the dishes, vacuuming, etc., on your daily schedule and do them on time without procrastinating.

With all the daily chores taken care of regularly, your home will look cleaner and tidier. Moreover, cleaning is therapeutic. So, when you’ll do that regularly, you’ll feel happier and more positive.

Assign a Particular Day in the Week to the Heavier Cleaning Activities

You cannot do your laundry or clean the appliances in your home every single day. But you cannot ignore them either.

The right course of action here would be to assign a day in the week to all these heavier cleaning tasks that are important to keep your home tidy and pleasant. You can assign a single day in the week for your laundry (Saturday or Sunday will be a good choice).

Your home appliances also need cleaning, at least a little bit of it, if not deep cleaning, every week. So, you can keep out a day for appliance cleaning to ensure that they remain clean at all times. Moreover, with regular weekly cleaning, the appliance will always stay in perfectly healthy and working condition.

There are more tasks like that. You can simply make a list of all such tasks, prepare a weekly calendar, and follow through on it.

Perform Deep Cleaning at least Once a Month

While you’re constantly cleaning your home, there are always some places that remain overlooked. Deep cleaning is meant to cover all those overlooked places and even ensure a more thorough cleaning of the entire home. Assign at least one day in the month for deep cleaning, and make sure that you take the time out for it.

AmeriStar Maids Can Help You With Your Home Cleaning!

With those tips, you can ensure that you keep your home clean and follow through on your new year’s cleaning resolution. However, cleaning activities can be hectic, and you might not always have the time for that. In that case, you can seek help from professional residential cleaning services such as AmeriStar Maids.

They can help you out with all your cleaning requirements, whether it’s the daily cleaning or the deep cleaning. All you need to do is book their services by reaching them in the following ways-

Final Words

It’s always difficult to stick to your new year’s resolution. However, if you have resolved to keep your home clean this new year, then it can be easy, especially with all the tips in this article and a bit of additional help from a great residential cleaning service like AmeriStar Maids.

We hope this was helpful, and you’re now more confident about following through on your new year’s cleaning resolution all year long!

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