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Bonding and Insurance are two terms that you come across way too often when getting any service from any industry niche. Most companies make it a point to keep their services bonded and insured. When it comes to residential cleaning services, it’s equally important.

In fact, you might see many residential cleaning services having labels reading “bonded and insured.” However, what does it exactly mean, and why is it important? Well, you can find your answers in this article.

What are Bonding and Insurance?

Bonding and Insurance are both contracts that prevent you from the risks of potential losses. Insurance is common knowledge, and everyone knows different types of insurance. However, bonding is a term that needs some explanation.

In common parlance, bonding is much like insurance. It’s basically an agreement between the service provider and customer for the successful completion of the service. It prevents the interest of the customers.

It often happens that a customer books a service, but the service provider cancels it for some or the other reason or doesn’t finish it after beginning the same, and the customer is left hanging out to dry (not literally, but you get the gist!).

However, when there is a bonding agreement signed, such situations are prevented as the service providers become obliged to deliver the services they promised.

Insurance, on the other hand, covers the risk of any kind of losses occurring during the period of delivering the services.

Now, the question is, how does it relate to residential cleaning services? Well, let’s have a look!

How Do Bonding and Insurance Relate to Residential Cleaning Services?

Residential Cleaning doesn’t seem like a job that will require any kind of bonding and insurance. However, that’s what you think!

When it comes to residential cleaning, there are many risks involved. The house cleaners need to move heavy objects as they clean around, and that poses risks of injuries. Additionally, residential cleaning includes kitchen cleaning in its services, and there are always risks of haphazard in the kitchen. Something can catch fire, a glass utensil can break and injure someone, and there are many such instances. Other than that, there are risks of slipping on the soapy floor when mopping around the home or tripping from the stairs, etc.

As a matter of fact, anything can happen during residential cleaning. The home cleaners need to be insured against such risks given the fact that if injured, they’ll lose their only source of income, let alone the need to bear medical costs and expenditures.

In addition to such risks of injuries, there can be cases of theft and damage to property. The customers need to be insured against such risks too.

These cases of theft and property damages even make bonding necessary because, in such cases, the customers will want the workers replaced, and bonding will make the residential cleaning agency obliged for the same.

Given these instances, we can understand that bonding and insurance closely relate to residential cleaning services and are extremely important as well. If you still need to know why, well, have a read further.

Why are Bonding and Insurance Important?

The reasons for the importance of bonding and insurance are pretty self-explanatory in the previous section. However, let’s have a look at these reasons in a little more detail.

Protection Against Risk of Injuries

House Cleaning comes with a lot of risks of injuries. When the residential cleaning services have proper insurance in place for their cleaners, all such risks are covered. This not only saves the cleaners from bearing huge medical bills and costs but even saves you as a customer.

Generally, the onus might fall upon you as a customer to pay for the medical bills of the cleaners if they get injured while working on your property. However, since they are insured by their agency, no one has to bear the costs.

Protection Against Damages to Property and Other Things in Home

While the cleaners are protected against the risk of injuries, you, as a customer, also need to be protected against the damages to your property and other things in the home. In case a fire breaks out in your kitchen during house cleaning or something breaks in your home at the hands of house cleaners, you want to be sure that you’re insured against such losses.

When a residential cleaning service has insurance for the same, everything is covered under their policy, and you need not bear any extra costs.

Protection Against Theft

Generally, residential cleaning agencies perform a thorough background check before hiring anyone for their services. However, sometimes, cases of theft happen. If that happens with you, insurance will make the agency personally liable to pay for the loss that you had to suffer due to theft.

Additionally, bonding will ensure that the agency sends other cleaners to finish the services that you booked them for.

AmeriStar Maids Take Care of All These Things!

Given the importance of bonding and insurance for residential cleaning services, AmeriStar Maids have taken care of all these things. They are bonded and insured, take tremendous pride in their services, and make sure to leave your house clean, pleasant, and damage-free at all times.

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Final Words

So, that was all about bonding and insurance for residential hose cleaning services. We hope that the article was helpful, and you’ll make it a point to hire cleaning services from a bonded and insured house cleaning agency such as AmeriStar Maids.

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