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Summer Cleaning Tips to Keep Your House Nice and Neat5 min read

You are aware that you ought to clean after a hot and humid summer, but you are unsure where to begin. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of easy summer cleaning tips so that home maintenance is no longer a concern. You can enjoy your vacation without having to worry about returning to a messed-up house thanks to these useful summer home maintenance tips. During the summer, you should not worry about home maintenance. Use these summer cleaning tips indoors and outdoors to keep your home free of heat, humidity, dirt, and pests. Tackle these cleaning errands toward the beginning of the time so you can partake in the warm climate and daylight for the remainder of summer.

Let us look at some important steps for a refreshing home:

Clean the ceiling fans 

If the blades of ceiling fans are not cleaned on a regular basis, they can spread pollen and dust. Use an old pillowcase to get rid of any dust and debris before turning on the fan this summer. Use an all-purpose cleaner to spray the pillowcase\’s interior and place it over one of the blades. Instead of falling onto floors or furniture, grime stays inside the pillowcase as you wipe it. After cleaning, turn the blades around so that the fan blows cold air downward rather than warm air around the room. Summer allergies and hay fever symptoms are only exacerbated by dusty fans. Fans will continue to rotate and disperse pollen and dust if they are not properly cleaned. Make sure to rotate the fan\’s blades in a counterclockwise direction as you clean it. By pushing the cold air down, this trick makes your air conditioner work better and saves you money on energy costs. 

Clean out the refrigerator

Fresh produce and barbecue leftovers should take up space in your refrigerator so do a summer clean-up by working through each section one at a time and moving items you want to keep to a cooler. Verify the expiration dates and toss anything that is past its best. It is also advised to use a damp cloth to clean the surfaces of the fridge where drawers and shelves are removed and sink them in dish soap and water. Bacteria grow more quickly in hotter environments. Spend some time cleaning your fridge, rinsing the surfaces with mild antibacterial soap, and getting rid of anything that has gone bad or is moldy. During the season of fruits and vegetables, this is also very important. Consider purchasing a cleaner made for food to wash your produce to get rid of salmonella and other harmful bacteria.

Check water outlets for leakage

During the summer, when you use your hose and outdoor faucets more frequently, this is especially important! When the water bill comes at the end of the month, an undiscovered leak can cost you a lot in fees that you didn\’t expect. Make a quick fix with water-resistant gardening tape if you find any leaky spots by checking your hose and faucets for leaks and dampness.

These summer home maintenance tips will help you have a more enjoyable summer overall and encourage you to take care of your home during the summer. However, we understand that if you prefer not to spend your vacation doing housework, you can schedule a recurring cleaning with a professional maid.

Make floors shiny

It is essential to keep in mind that distinct floor surfaces require distinct cleaners when determining how to clean floors. The material used for cleaning the floors also matters a lot. Cotton terry cloth or recycled hand towels, which can be washed and used again, can be used to mop all kinds of floors. Clean tile and vinyl floors with an answer of 1 tablespoon of child cleanser or 1/2 teaspoon eco-accommodating generally useful cleaner and 1 gallon of water. For additional cleaning power, you can also add 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar.

For wood and overlay floors, spritz a towel with an answer of 1 section refined vinegar to 30 sections of water until the fabric is sufficiently sodden for cleaning. Cotton towels soaked in very hot water can be used to mop floors made of stone or tile. Cleaners and vinegar can pit and harm tile and stone finishes, so be careful. Every entrance should have a mat for wiping one\’s feet. Asking guests to take off their shoes as they enter the building will help keep the floors cleaner for longer.

 If you want to make your home easier to manage, check out our guides for professional cleaning. Additionally, give us a call if you need assistance cleaning your bathroom or the entire house. You can count on The Maids to assist you in creating a healthier and cleaner home. 

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