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The Only Fall Deep Cleaning Checklist You Will Ever Need4 min read

The change of seasons is an excellent opportunity to evaluate your house, in addition to being one of the most beautiful times of the year. Cleaning and organizing before winter arrives will make all those hours spent snuggled up in front of the fire that much more enjoyable—and in a few months, spring cleaning that much easier—regardless of whether you live in a little apartment or a grand property with expansive grounds.

Fall is a fantastic time to complete the housekeeping jobs we keep meaning to complete but never get around to. But where do I start?

There is a lengthy fall cleaning checklist of tasks you might want to finish when it comes to cleaning and getting your house ready for the season. Therefore, mental wellness specialist Lynsey Retzlaff advises making a strategy in advance.

Create two to four zones throughout your home, and give each one a week of the month to focus on. Each week, concentrate on those thorough cleaning duties, she advises. This makes the chores more manageable and increases your likelihood of finishing them quickly.

List of fall cleaning tasks

Early September is a wonderful time to start fall cleaning, but the earlier you start, the sooner you can start decorating for fall. If you manage to give everything a thorough clean, it also takes some of the hard work out of spring cleaning.


Start by clearing any remaining dust from surfaces throughout the house, including bookcase tops, side tables, window sills, and blinds. You might want to try using a soft microfiber duster, available at Amazon, to shine up any individual items of decor without harming them. 

Concentrate on areas that are frequently overlooked, such as difficult-to-reach nooks and door frames where cobwebs like to collect. Lynsey Retzlaff continues, \”Dust the tops of ceiling fans and cabinets to get rid of dirt that accumulated over the summer.\”


In preparation for the cozy season, when people spend more time indoors, clean your hardwood floors to make them look their best. The new season is an excellent time to give your flooring a makeover. The best vacuum cleaner will make quick work of cleaning the dust, pet hair, and dead insects that will likely be located under the bed. It\’s also a good idea to remove everything from under the bed.

Area rugs should then be cleaned so that they don\’t retain dirt and grime. This will also get rid of any smells and improve the aroma of your house. 

Select intensive steam cleaning. According to Tommy Mello, a DIY expert, \”It not only gets rid of dust and allergens, but it also revitalizes the fibers, making your house feel like new. Consider applying a stain-resistant treatment to your rugs for more defense against mishaps. Rug and carpet protectors from Amazon are cheap, water-resistant, and help keep rugs looking brand new.


To increase the amount of natural light in your living areas as you prepare for the autumnal rays, clean the windows both inside and out. It\’s one of the simplest ways to make a space feel better, lighter, and brighter while also enhancing general well-being. Now is an excellent time to give your windows and frames a thorough cleaning because, over time, pollutants, dust, and debris may accumulate on them.


Cleaning experts advise working your way from top to bottom while cleaning the ceiling fans and lighting in the living room. We advise using microfiber dusting gloves, which are available at Amazon and are excellent for swiftly cleaning chandeliers and fans (they also work amazingly well on houseplant leaves).


Next, focus on your furnace filters to ensure that your heating systems are ready for the upcoming colder season. Lynsey Retzlaff advises changing furnace filters to obtain the best indoor air quality throughout the winter months when windows are closed. 

Cleaning your dryer vent will help keep your dryer functioning properly. She continues, \”Clean out the lint from the outside dryer vent.\” You shouldn\’t do this in the cold, she advised.

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