How to Clean & Disinfect Your House in Cold & Flu Season

How to Clean & Disinfect Your House in Cold & Flu Season4 min read

Learn how to clean and sterilize your bed, laundry, toys, and hard surfaces in your house after you\’ve been sick or to stop the transmission of germs to fight cold and flu this season.

A post-illness cleaning session can help keep you, your roommate, or a family member healthy while they are sick with a cold, the flu, COVID-19, or any other virus. Disinfection is required because our goal is to eradicate germs rather than only clean the area. For this task, go beyond your go-to all-purpose cleaner and purchase a household disinfectant before you begin.

Supplies for cleaning that are virus-resistant :

The whole contact time, which is the amount of time the product must be on the surface in order to be effective, must be used to disinfect each surface you clean in order to eradicate viruses (your cleaning products should state this on their labels; otherwise, you may check it up online). If you\’re unsure whether your household disinfectants are EPA-registered, you can check the EPA\’s website to make sure they will eliminate any dangerous microbes. Regardless of the  product you use : 

  • Read the product\’s instructions carefully.
  • Be mindful of the necessary contact time.
  • Never combine ammonia-containing products with disinfectants.

You probably already know about and/or have bleach on hand as a household disinfectant. Because it is sanitizing and secure to use on food prep areas at this dilution, the CDC\’s bleach solution is excellent for cleaning around food places in the kitchen that you or your sick roommate have touched. How to use their bleach mixture.

  • For each gallon of water, combine 5 teaspoons (or 1/3 cup) of bleach.
  • Follow a minute-long contact period.
  • Detailed instructions for cleaning up after illness.

Whether or not someone has been ill, deep cleaning should be a part of your normal home cleaning schedule. Starting with a thoroughly cleaned home will give you an advantage when you need to disinfect it owing to the presence of cold and flu viruses in your residence. 

What is required

  • Leather Gloves
  • Product for cleaning that is sterile
  • Food-safe cleaning and disinfecting product
  • (If preparing a cleaning solution) Plastic bucket
  • Aerosol Can
  • Washable cloths, paper towels, or disinfectant wipes
  • Soap for sanitizing laundry.

All over your home

High Touch Surfaces

When you or a member of your family becomes ill, it is extremely crucial to clean high-touch areas throughout your home. In general, anything that we commonly touch with our hands falls under this category, which includes tables, hard-backed chairs, door knobs, light switches, phones, tablets, touch displays, remote controls, keyboards, and more. Disinfect them as frequently as you can in the room where these high-touch items are located. The CDC advises regularly sanitizing high-touch surfaces if someone in your home has COVID-19.

Hard Surfaces

Apply a good disinfectant to every hard surface in each room you clean, then let it do its job. Disinfecting wipes can speed up cleaning, and a disinfectant spray makes it simple to reach tight spaces.

Advice: To help stop the transmission of dangerous germs during flu season, it\’s a good habit to include disinfection in your weekly cleaning regimen.


  • Use a disinfectant to clean all hard surfaces, including the garbage can, handles, knobs, handles, and sinks.
  • The shower curtain, towels, and any other objects that can be washed should be gathered. Don\’t forget the hand towel! After you or a member of your household has been ill, it is extremely crucial to clean shared items. Launder using disinfecting laundry soap and hot water.
  • Spend 30 minutes soaking your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide to disinfect it.
  • Always let your toothbrush air dry to help stop the formation of bacteria.


  • Clean any hard surfaces with a disinfectant, including the kitchen table and chairs (if made of hard material), the sink, garbage cans, refrigerator handles, drawer and cabinet knobs, and counters. Keep in mind to clean all areas used for food preparation using items that are suitable for consumption.
  • Use sanitizing laundry soap to wash dish towels and kitchen towels.
  • A helpful hint is to always use paper towels or washable cloths when cleaning the kitchen instead of sponges because they might harbor bacteria.

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